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At ParktelOnline, a premier Online Mobile Phones Store in Nigeria, we are passionate about technology. From the humble cellular phones to smartphones, notebooks and tablets, we believe technology changes our lives for the better and hence, we are as zealous and geeky about it as you. We love to discover, review, and learn so that we can bring you the newest and most exciting range of branded mobile phones and tablets directly from the world's leading manufacturers. You get a chance to own sets of awesome gadgets we know you'll love from brands to the likes of Apple, Blackberry, HTC, Huawei, Infinix, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Tecno, ZTE, Power Bank, and many more.

ParktelOnline bridges the gap between leading mobile phone manufacturers and consumers. We offer the latest branded mobile phones pre-loaded with innovative features allowing you to multi-task at work or to use all entertainment features at leisure. We are a leading Online Mobile Phones Store offering an extensive range of high-end branded mobile phones with tech-enhanced features and accessories at a very decent price for an unbeatable experience.


Online mobile shopping in Nigeria

The popularity of online mobile shopping in Nigeria has increased tremendously with increase in demand for different brands of mobile phones available in the market. Today, everybody needs a mobile phone. Originally, people would use a mobile phone to communicate, but these days, we use it to check work emails, to chat, for photography, to play games, and browse through the Internet. Mobile phones play a vital role to connect you with the whole world.

Most of the latest mobile phones available at our online store come with amazing textures and large screen displays providing seamless viewing while the high-end cameras help you take superior quality pictures with ease. You can take advantage of email service, Skype voice call, text-to-speech message, document reader and more. We provide a wide range of popular mobile phones online at best deals, delivered at your doorstep.

ParktelOnline is a trusted online consumer-technology retailer in Nigeria making online mobile shopping in Nigeria convenient and affordable. We aim at becoming the best and the only preferred choice for customers looking to buy quality gadgets at best prices. Over the years, we have quickly gained a reputation for being pioneers in bringing forth the latest products to tech-savvy consumers. From humble beginnings and backed with a team with in-depth knowledge of the mobile communications industry, we have grown consistently and will continue to cater customers across Nigeria by adding to our range of quality mobile phones and tablets.


There are no products matching the selection.

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