The Apple iOS 7: What’s New?

Apple iOS 7

If you’re using any of Apple’s products (iPhone, iPad, or iPod), then this news would interest you: Apple has recently released the beta version of its mobile OS, iOS7.

According to Apple, the full version of the iOS 7 will be released by September 2013. But for now, users can still play around with the beta version.

Unfortunately, not all devices will ever get to run on iOS 7. According to David Price, the online editor of, the newly released version of Apple’s mobile OS will only be compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and the iPhone 5. And if Apple launches iPhone 6 before releasing the full version of the OS, the it is expected that it will also be compatible with iOS 7.

So, if you’re using iPhone 3 or iPhone 3GS, you’re out of this one. Sorry about that.

Now, let’s look into the new features of the iOS 7, which has been described by Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering, as “the most significant iOS update since the original phone.”

Control center

The control center now gives you easy access to key settings. By just swiping up from the bottom of the screen, you can control the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Airplane mode, music playback, Do Not Disturb, and screen brightness. You also get instant access to apps such as Calculator, Clock, Flashlight, Camera, etc.

Notification center

You can now access the notification center from the lock screen. A new “today” feature has been added. This feature gives you a summary of your day — including meetings, weather, and traffic.


According to Apple, the iOS7 has been improved with a better and easier way to switch between apps. The OS will know and arrange your most used apps and keep them up to date. The OS also features and API, which keeps apps running an updating in the background.


Airdrop allows you to share files with someone close to you — provided the other person also has a device that run on iOS 7. The app will detect and show any device around you and can share files with them peer-to-peer, fully encrypted. This feature requires no setup or network.


The iOS 7 camera now allows you to use filters in real-time, just like many other third party apps. You can now also switch between photo, video, square, and panorama modes with a swipe — thanks to the square camera option. It’s just like having multiple desktops in OS X.


iOS 7 comes with a photo-organizing app called “Moments”. This app offers a new way to organize your photos based on time and location. When you zoom out, the app shows all your photos, as organized by Moments.

Also, the new OS makes iCloud photo sharing possible. Your friends and family can add their own photos and videos into your photo streams. The newly added “Activity view” shows updates for all your shared streams together.


Now, you can see more content on Safari — thanks to the new full-screen browsing mode. Another new addition is the smart search field, which simplifies searching. And there’s a new view for bookmarks and tabs, too.

The new iCloud Keychain stores all your password and confidential detail securely. You can also block adult websites or restrict access to the web using the Parental Controls feature.


Siri has been packed with new female and male voices, and the iOS 7 assistant now supports Twitter, Wikipedia, and Bing. It can also change device settings and play voicemails back.

App store

The App store now has a new feature named, “Popular apps near me”, which shows apps based on your location. It also includes a Kids category for finding children’s apps faster.

iTunes Radio

The iTunes radio is part of iOS 7’s music app, and it features more than 200 stations including Feature Stations curated by Apple and genre-specific stations.

The iTunes radio will also include Siri integration, the ability to purchase any music you’re listening to with one click.


The new iOS 7 will be available in US English, French, and German languages.

Other features

The new OS also comes with many other features including the Find My iPhone Activation Lock feature, Night Mode in Maps, FaceTime audio for high quality calls over a network, and lost more.

So, if you’re using iPhone 4 or later, iPad 2 or later, iPad mini or iPod touch (fifth generation), then this new OS is for you. Enjoy it.

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    Definitely a step to the better by Apple. They need to work on the icons but the functionalities seem clever!

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