Tecno Phantom Pad N9 vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2: Which Is Better?

Tecno Phantom Pad N9 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab2

For some time now, Tecno Android smartphones have been posing a great threat to Samsung’s dominance in the Nigerian smartphone market. And the newly released Tecno Phantom Pad N9 tablet (the first tablet by Tecno) seems to be doing just the same to Samsung tablets, as many consumers are now getting stuck between both products.

Since the release of the Tecno Phantom Pad N9 few weeks back, we’ve been getting questions from consumers as to which is better between Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0) and the newly released tablet by Tecno. And if the large number of customers who asked this same question is anything to go by, then Tecno’s tablet will soon become a hotcake in the tablet market, just like the Android smartphones Tecno released before now (N3, P3, N7, F7, etc.)

In response to the demand by many of our customers, we hereby compare and contrast between Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 2 and Tecno’s new tablet, the Phantom Pad N9.

Both devices are superb and are packed with features anyone would expect to find in a high quality Android tablet — although, the Galaxy Tab 2 has been around and well known among tech-savvy Nigerians for some time now.

Now, let’s see how both products fare against each other:


Both devices run on Google’s Android operating system. While the Galaxy tab runs on Android 4.0.3 (ICS – upgradeable to 4.1.1), the Phantom Pad N9 runs on the latest version of Android, 4.2.2.

Also, both devices have a SIM card slot and both support 2G and 3G networks. So, both will give users a great web surfing experience. Plus, you can use both devices to make phone calls.

Body and design

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 measures 193.7 x 122.4 x 10.5mm, while the Tecno Phantom Pad N9 is slightly larger, measuring 204 x 154 x 9.9mm. Though larger, the Phantom pad is slimmer than the Galaxy Tab 2.

Both products are available in black and white colors.


The Phantom Pad has a HD 8-inch (768 x 1024 pixels) display, which is slightly larger than the Galaxy Tab’s 7-inch (600 x 1024 pixels) display. Each device has an LCD capacitive touch screen.


Both devices have GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth, A-GPS, and micro USB connectivity options. In addition, both devices have WiFi, WiFi hotspot, WiFi direct, and dual band features.

Processor and memory

The Galaxy Tab is packed with a 1GHz dual core processor and a PowerVR SGX540 GPU. But the Phantom Pad N9 boasts of a stronger 1GHz quad core processor.

While the Galaxy comes in variants with internal storage capacity of 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB, the Phantom Pad comes is available in only one variant, which is packed with 16GB or internal memory. You can expand the memory capacity of both devices using using a micro SD.

Both devices have 1GB of RAM.


Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 has a 3.15MP rear camera plus a VGA front-facing camera, while the Tecno Phantom pad has a 5.0MP rear camera and a 2.0MP front-facing camera. Both devices are great for shooting pictures and videos.


The Tecno Phantom seems to be the winner here also, as it is packed with a 4500 mAh battery, which slightly trumps the 4000 mAh that comes with the Galaxy Tab.


The Galaxy tab presently costs N53,000 while the new Tecno Phantom pad costs N36,ooo (Parktel Online Store Price).

Who wins?

After comparing the important features of both phones, we think Tecno’s Phantom Pad wins in most aspects. However, because the product is still very new, we cannot vouch for its durability. But if we look at how their Android smartphones are faring in that regard, one can predict that the Tecno tablet will stand the test of prolonged use.

However, if you’re still finding it hard to subscribe to Tecno products because of their first generation mobile phones, you can satisfy yourself by going for the Galaxy Tab.

Latest Comments
  1. david

    good to see techno tablet, how do i buy techno phantom n9 tab online or from shops

  2. Stantalker

    I want to shop the tecno phantom tab N9. How do I do that. I need to know how much it cost online. Send reply to my email add:Enemstanco@yahoo.com. thanks….

  3. Gold

    Please does the tecno phantom tab comes with power bank like the phantom A(F7) .

    • admin

      it does not come with power bank, but it comes with a pouch.

  4. Prof Oluwaseyi Adeyeba

    Its seem that Techno N9 is preferable than Samsung galaxy considering the lower price


      Professor sir, infact, Tecno has really improved

    • Prof Oluwaseyi Adeyeba

      What’s the price of the 32GB storage micro card ? Where? Can I receive Skype video conversation from iphone or othet type like it? Can I connect BB to it to transfer data? Can I connect printer?

      • bola

        I bought mine some days back, but I wasn’t given any power bank. I got it from bayelsai

        • admin

          it does not come with a power bank.

  5. kola

    Apart frm d price tecno has really improved more than those 1st generation phones & pads

  6. joshua Yang

    congratulation 2 techno 4 this tab as i look forward 2 having mine.

  7. joe

    i live in port harcourt and interested in buying tecno n9.do u have a shop in PH and where

    • admin

      We dont have shop in Port-Hacourt, but we have an agent there, you can do “Pay On Delivery”. just contact us via 01-8405200, 08084667600.

    • Uche

      Go to callusmiller artillery….I just bought today lovely tablet

  8. MSA

    Does the Tecno Tab have facility for keypad like Ipad and Galaxy Tab?

  9. saka ibrahim bola

    hw much is tecno phantom i pad n9

    • admin

      #36,000. thanks

  10. dayo Adeoba

    I ve make up my mind to get tecno , Samsung has exploited Nigeria too Nigeria. . How can I get to ur office and phone number , I will try and get month end. Thanks.

    • admin

      8A Otigba Street
      Computer Village
      01-8405200, 08084667600

  11. lilchizzy blingz

    pls where can i get dis tab in nasarawa/abuja??

    • admin

      Suit B8 the new banex plaza
      Wuse2 abuja.

  12. osaze

    Samsung tab 2 has a GPU and techno doesn’t, dats a huge difference but u seem to underplay it.

    • BBbestbuy49JA

      Not everyone wants to use their tablet for games besides the quad – core Chip set allows a faster interface processor

  13. chitech

    please, how can i get it in Enugu. please, if u can reply also via my email address. i will appreciate it greatly. thanks

  14. God'spower

    Need d tecno N9,I’m based in lag…wia I̶̲̥̅̊S̤̥̈̊ d head-office located???

    • admin

      8A Otigba Street
      Computer Village

      • Joseph

        I live in benue state makurdi and my tecno n9 screen has broken how can i get a new one to replace

        • admin

          Hello Joseph
          Broken Screen is not covered with warranty, however it can be fixed when you take it to any Tecno repair center. I doubt if there is any Tecno repair center in Benue state, but there should be a collection point for Tecno phone repairs.

  15. meeeky

    Can i use a stylus pen on the techno N9 tab? especially to take notes?

    • admin

      for now NO, sorry.

      • akinyemi victoria

        You can use stylus pen on techno n9. Call or whatsapp vikky on 08034934315.to get 1

        • admin

          you can call, whtapp, etc, but no stylus pen.

  16. omifenwa kazeem

    it all about tecno all d time. thanks tecno u made our relive from spendind our money on internet

  17. Jossywohs

    No doubt, I think the new Techno N9 Pad is better than Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. I’m a Port Harcourt guy and I need the Techno N9 Pad on/before August 15, 2013 but N36000 is too much.
    I think N30000 is ideal so that your turnover will be high and profit maximized
    Please, reply urgently.

    • admin

      Sorry, but the price is ₦36,000 . Thanks.

    • amahcoded

      you’re a theif you would have pay 3k to get the new techno n9!

  18. oloke A Arinola

    I think this is wat the Nigerians has been waithing for,TECNO ride on.

  19. Big Ben

    Can I buy a power Bank? And can the Tab work with a wireless Keyboard? Where is your office address in Computer village,wanna pick mine as soon as possible. Thnx

    • admin

      8A Otigba Street
      Computer Village

  20. bello

    I heard dat d price has dropped to 34k nau, rilly wish to ave one admin buh guess I will appreciate delivery and talk in business terms.

    • admin

      Pls, can you just send a request to us via our number 08084668812. Thanks.

  21. steve

    nice one! can i get it at mararaba! do u ve a shop around mararaba abj

    • admin

      We dont have an office in Maraba, but we have an office in Abuja, Suit B8 the new banex plaza Wuse2 abuja.

      • steve

        hope its same price (36k)

      • segun

        office number pls in banex

        • admin

          Hello Segun
          Our office at Abuja is located at Suit B8 old banex plaza.

  22. iberu

    i love these tecno, i was thinkling i will like to have a phone tjhat will do all laptop work,i will love to buy one soon before my NYSC CAMP IN NOVEMBER 5

  23. Oluwatosin Betty

    Do you have a tecno shop or distributor in akure? Wanna get the phone

    • admin

      We don’t have in Akure, but after confirming your payment (online or bank transfer) we will send the phone to you. thanks

  24. yinka David

    Good work from tecno…again. Gradually climbing the ladder to become an household name.
    Pls does this tab supports NFC and eagle eye technology?

  25. Odun

    Do you have an office in Owerri? if yes,please send to odun2@yahoo.com

    • admin

      We have an agent in Owerri, we will get in touch with you.

  26. Godwin onyemachi

    am in Aba Abia state. if u Dont have an office here, what will be d total cost, I.e including d supply. I ask because when I wanted to buy from Jamaica last month ( phantom A) they charge extra #1,500 for delivery plus #34,000. I den had to buy from a shop at the shopping center at same amount. I would be glad if I get d reply urgently. gog4u2@Facebook.com

    • admin

      we do charge, #1500 for shipping.

  27. david

    how much will the n9 pad sell in Ghana cedis?

  28. adrbayo

    Pls is phantom f7 better than the tab n9 coz am halting btwn d two don’t knw wch one to buy. Ur advce plzz.

  29. Danny

    kudos to tecno for the relief gievn to Nigerian. though i know quality and brand name will still help samsung to make sale.
    Will a power bank work with the new tecno phantom pad if i purchase one?
    Also how durable is the tecno phantom pad?

    • admin

      The Tecno Phantom Pad comes with one year Manufacturer warranty.

  30. ntufam..

    Pls do u have a shop in calabar? And what’s dis power bank I’m hearing 4 d first tym. Are u also into fone repairs?

    • admin

      We don’t have a shop in Calabar yet, Power bank enables you to charge your device on the go.

  31. michael

    It’s d screen AMOLED?

    • admin


  32. Akachi

    Please does this tecno Phantom N9 tab come with a power bank? Also is it dual sim?

    • admin

      yes, it comes with a power bank, one sim.

  33. Akachi

    can a power bank be gotten without buying any tecno product/

    • admin

      sure you can.

  34. Abayomi Ishola

    Whe’re can i buy this in Ibadan? Can you speak about its durability?

    • admin

      we have an agent in Ibadan.

  35. Soludo

    Please I need the N9 pad, black colour. How can I get it in Umuahia before 10th August. I will appreciate your urgent reply either through solo_realpeace@yahoo.com or08038862544. Tanx

  36. dcrownfit

    But samsung iz still there. Father nd yhu guys know it let them be recognized in gsmarena.com den they will start getting consideration

  37. Abbas Jubril

    pls do u guyz ve office in ibadan i need to ve mine before the end of this Month

    • admin

      We do have an agent in Ibadan, do let us know when you need it. thanks.

  38. asolandis

    Tecno is doing great and I opt to get the Tecno Tab. Do you have any office in Yenagoa? Pls inform me if there is any. Contact me via novakin2008@gmail.com thanks

  39. Ifeanyi

    Do you have an outlet in Kano?

    • admin

      we dont have a physical store in Kano.

  40. Moses Adeleke

    How and where can I get the Tecno Phantom Pad N9. contact me on 08023019299

  41. Omo Akin

    Do u av d black colour of this Phantom pad n9, or how soon will it be available?

    • admin

      is only white that is available for now.

  42. admira

    i got my at 33k in benin and is a good tab that need some improvment

  43. Osuegbu Emeka

    how can Tecno Tab in Owerri and Umuahia?pls reply soon through my email.Thanks

  44. isaac

    I wish to get the tecno n9 pad. How durable and reliable is it? My phone is 08066545100.

  45. Edu

    Please need to buy tecno pad here at owerri, as soon as i receive ur reply, if u pple hv an agent here, i need de address and de amount thankz

  46. G-Light Victor

    The most important thing in life is to stay informed & it’s as though information has been restricted to certain calliber or poeple. But all thanks to TECNO 4 making infotech available 4 everybody. Kudos!!! Ride on

  47. gloria otobrise

    I know u guys will make it easy for all,this is just a tip of……d ……. U know what I mean keep it up nice job and search.

  48. Tobi Banjoko

    I bought my Tecno phantom from parktel, i’ve been using it for over a month. Great device i must say

  49. egobi c

    well done ,the pad is well build for it to win Samsung -good job tecno.

  50. Ade

    how can I get the techno

  51. Tomi

    Pls, can the tab be used for skype video calls?

    • admin

      Yes, it can be used for Skype.

  52. wole

    Can keypad be used along wth d pad, also ao durable is it

    • admin

      For now, keypad can not be used with it, the device is very durable.

  53. Charles Amune

    I just got the Phantom Pad yesterday from SLOT in Abuja. I was surprised to get home and found no pouch in the pack. I called them this morning and was told they did not receive pouch with the stocks. What am I suppose to do?

    • admin

      oo, sorry, if only you had bought from us, a pouch will surely come with it, there is nothing we can do about it.

  54. BRIGHT

    techno really doimg great in d info market
    i need to get one by september,but in kinda delima btw samsung gala n technopad
    but does tec pad play pes games?

    • admin


  55. Pst Celestine Timothy

    I’m a TECNO user & have been longing to get samsung tablet not knowing that tecno have started producing it b/4 a friend told me about it.How do i get one.I live in Port Harcourt.

  56. vicjky

    Does the techno phantum run the latest ios 7.1?

    • admin

      The Tecno Phantom Pad runs on Android OS.

  57. nichole

    Pls does d Techno pad have stylus? (Pen) like galaxy note 8? And does is it accept attached keypad Like other tablets?
    Someone reply pls, Thank you.

    • admin

      For now, it does not.

  58. Ade

    Tecno phantom pad is doing a great work. pls reply into my email, i will really appreciate it. I want to buy and resell, how much will i get it and from where. Also when is the new model like 32G coming out. we are really in need. Thanks

  59. Chelcy

    Tecno has really improved. I love this new tab. The features are mouth watering. I hope to get mine by october. Please, do u have an office in Benin?

    • admin

      No sir.But we have a parktelonline rep in benin, we can deliver to you anytime you want.

  60. kemi

    am interestd in buyin bt i want 2 knw if it can also make video call, i mean techno pad 2 techno pad video call Juz like samsung galaxy tab 2. And how much is d current price?

    • admin

      Yes, it can make video calls.

  61. temi

    I bought my techno phantom tab about 6weeks ago,I use it to play game a lot,at least 75% of the usage,does this pose any problem for my tab as it does not have GPU as commented on earlier. Thanks

    • admin

      No problems at all.

  62. orlandotch

    Has the price of tecno phantom pad N9 dropped? What’s the current price and how do i get it?

    • admin

      The price currently is 39,000k.But might drop anytime soon, keep in touch 08084667600, 08098597005

  63. tolu

    Nid d technotab by wednsday (11th Sept), is it possible. I am in calabar. Nigeria. Pls rply asap. Thanks

  64. adeogun samuel

    Please,I want to know the current price of phantom N9 because,I spoke to one of ur agent now and he told me it was #37,500 which is totally different from the price posted.I need a reply now.thank

    • admin

      The price do frustrate. we are selling 39,000k now

  65. Richmounird

    which one is the better among Tecno Phantom N9 8-Inch Android Tablet and the Tecno Phantom A+ smartphone?

    • admin

      it all depends on what you intend to use the phone for. Both are very good. The N9 is simply a pad with bigger screen while the phantom A+ is a phone with dual sim slot.

  66. lyna sixtus

    nice tab,just got mine yesterday in owerri for 39,500…..

  67. chuko

    Please do you still have it and can you deliver today or tomorrow. Please inbox me ASAP

    • admin

      Sorry this is coming late. we have it sir at 39,000k.


    does the techno phantom pouch available in the shops coz I have lost it .My country is Tanzania

    • admin

      sure the pouch is available.@said salum

  69. Engr sunky

    I read a comment about it that the camera pictures are not sharp even @ 5.0mp, how true is that?

    • admin

      That’s a little bit true,but the camera is still very ok. But you can’t compare it with the likes of samsung.

  70. kolade

    am in Ile-Ife, Osun-State. how can i get it?

  71. thompson ekpo

    would you deliver it to me in Akwa ibom state or direct me to your authorized dealer if any?

    • admin

      We deliver anywhere in Nigeria, kindly call 08084667600, 08098597005 to place your order or visit our website http://www.parktelonline.com

  72. android 4.4

    Galaxy tab is way better, I love the samsung OEM called Touchwiz, I don’t like Tecno low quality camera and screen, and ……

  73. Shiro

    Lovely Tecno N9 pad, can I get mine at slot Calabar? Reply ASAP

    • admin

      yes sir, kindly call 08084667600, 08098597005 to place your order.thank you

  74. Mog

    Plz, can I use Microsoft word on it? Those it really av features like that, and can I use d power bank with it? Urgent reply plzzzzz!

    • admin

      yes! All android powered phones can read microsoft word documents or pdf files, just download the quick office app on your smartphone. it does not come with power bank.

  75. Mog

    Plz, can I use Microsoft word on d phantom pad? Does it really av features like that, and can I use d power bank with it? Urgent reply plzzzzz!

  76. Jones

    I just bought mine today. very good device I must confess but I tried installing the DSTV drifta to enable me enjoy the promo but it failed to authenticate saying my device is not compatible. (the drifta is supposed to work with all android phones and tabs). Please what could be the problem? as my friend with the galaxy note is enjoying the drifta on her tab.

    • admin

      DSTV drifta has a alot of compatibility issues,Makes sure your are downloading the real app though, follow this link http://goo.gl/jrB7B9 to download the real app and view compatible devices. You can as well send this app using flash share from your friend to your Pad

  77. Mogaji

    Can the power bank work with it plzzz?

    • admin

      yes, there are several power bank.just buy a power bank that will be compatible with it.

  78. Som

    please where in enugu can I get Phantom N9, will it be available in fine brothers?

    • admin

      We deliver anywhere in nigeria, kindly call 08084667600, 08098597005 to place your order.

  79. lordsan

    How much are u people sellin plus shipin down to awka

    • admin

      Tecno pad is N37,000 now. Delivery outside of Lagos and Abuja cost N2,000.

  80. mot

    its realy sweet, will like to get one soon.

  81. Kate Kanu

    Great and fantastic device.Would like to know the current price because am interested to pick up one from your office in computer village next week Saturday.Sure you open on saturdays?

    • admin

      currently N37,000. yes we open on saturdays

  82. jide

    how about comparing the n9 to the galaxy note 8.0

    • admin

      Lol…that sounds good.

  83. Ad

    does the n9 comes with a power bank

    • admin

      No. it only comes with a pouch

  84. ruth oguns

    How much is d tenco Phantom with d power bank or are d Price together

    • admin

      All the recent Tecno phones don’t come with power bank.

  85. kings

    Does the P5 support whatsapp application

    • admin

      yes ofcourse!

  86. nsongurua

    Does dis tablet come with a power bnk?

    • admin

      No sir. all the recent tecno phones doesn’t come with power bank.

  87. esthet

    I live in ekpoma do u.have an office there and do u do delivery

    • admin

      We make delivery in all the states in Nigeria . Kindly call 08084667600, 08098597005 to place your order.

  88. esthet

    Will power bank work with it and How much is it

    • admin

      yes. you can buy a compatible power bank for it in the market. Currently is N37,000

  89. nneki

    Hw can I get it in asaba

    • admin

      Kindly call 08084667600, 08098597005 to place your order.

  90. engr obera eleojo

    d tecno n9 is gr8. shld 1 place order, hw long does delivery take?

    • admin

      Hi engr Obera Eleojo
      We have a very swift delivery technique. Our delivery takes 3-4hours in Lagos & Abuja and 36hours to others states.

  91. CreativeGem

    Do you have the black Phantom pad available now?

    Does it use and come with an external keyboard?

    Can u please list d accessories the pad comes with in the pack. I’m reading conflicting things online. E.g some claim it comes with keypad and pouch, others didnt include it.

    Is it also true that there’s dual micro sim variant?

    I’l realy appreciate your swift response and please include the current price. Thank you.

    • admin

      Hi CreativeGem
      Black Tecno Phantom Pad is available now. It only comes with a pouch, no external keyboard and every other accessory that comes with a phone. Handsfree,charger etc. All Tecno Phantom Pad has one Sim.

  92. kenneth ogbji

    its a gud product……….admin where do I get one within kaduna state

    • admin

      Hi Kenneth
      We make delivery everywhere in Nigeria and our delivery outside of Lagos and Abuja takes less than 36hhours.

  93. eravwoke onos

    can i watch dstv with dis techno pad?

    • admin

      Hi eravwoke onos
      Yes ofcourse. Once you download and install the DSTV DRIFTA App you can stream dstv channels with your pad.

    • eravwoke onos

      after downloading this dstv drifta, does it means i can watch live matches with it?

  94. Aramide

    N9 is a great piece but does the camera have a flash light?

    • admin

      Hi Aramide
      Tecno N9 has a flash light.



    • admin

      Yes, the power bank is compatible for all Tecno smartphones. We don’t know for now.



    • admin

      Hi Jonathan
      Alot of people have complained of that too. i believe they are working on it.

  97. Yakub

    Hi, Admin! What is the current price now? And how EASY is printing DIRECTLY on this gadget?

    • admin

      Hi Yakub
      Tecno N9 is currently N35,900 at parktelonline.com. Printing depends on the printer and it’s compatibility

  98. Yakub

    Ok! Does that mean that the device has USB port on it? Thanks!

  99. ify

    Does power bank come with teno phantom N9, and how much is the power bank alone? Pls rely me via email.

    • admin

      Hi ify
      Power bank is not inlcuded in the Tecno Pad.However you can buy a compatible power bank from http://www.parktelonline.com at N3,500 for 5600mAh and N4,500 for N12,000.

  100. fola

    I think I’m interested in the techno phantom, how sharp is the camera? and can delivery be made to office cos i’m a very busy person. my office is at oshodi-apapa road ,lagos

    • admin

      Hello Fola
      The camera is very ok. Our delivery is very efficient too, it takes less than 3 hours to make a delivery within lagos.

  101. leye

    …Hi Admin, can I write notes with the tecno phantom A2?
    OR, is there a tecno tablet or phone with this feature?

    • admin

      Hi Leye
      Ofcourse you can. With apps like notepad,GB Handwriting e.t.c, can you jot down notes anytime.

  102. vanessa

    How do I send music to another phone via Bluetooth from my techno phantom pad. Becos it seems impossible. Pls reply

    • admin

      Hi vanessa
      You can send music just like you do with every other smartphone. Goto the music player > search for the song you wish to send > Press and hold the song > then click the share button- usually inform of the “greater than sign” > choose bluetooth and send.

  103. Okoye Stephen Fear-God

    pls does the N9 PLAY GAMES THAT ARE SIMILAR TO PLAY STATION 2 GAMES? and pls can i plug an external gaming pads for two players?

    • admin

      Hello Stephen
      Tecno Phantom Pad is not a laptop. You can play HD games with it but not the ones similar to Play station 2.

  104. Tity Akinsanya

    Hi! Please i’ll like to know how I can print with my phantom pad. When connected to d printer, the only pictures on display are my whatsapp pictures so I have to route pictures through whatsapp to print. What am I doing wrong?

    • admin

      Hi Tity
      Try and confirm if the printer is compatible with your Tecno Phantom pad. if your Pad can detect the printer when connected, then it should be able to print when you follow the proper navigation.

  105. stevamedu

    Admin mine is question do u hv office in jos and is d current cost plus ur shifting pls reply me thru my email Sinalegwu@rocketmail.com pls I nid it urgently

    • admin

      Hello stevamedu
      Currently we only have office in Lagos and Abuja. But we make delivery to other states in Nigeria and it takes only 24hours.

  106. Adeoye Ebenezer

    Admin, I bought my tecno n9 in lagos about 3months ago!

    I was charging it and it was around 80percent so I went to bed but waking up yesterday, I tried to put it on and it just displayed tecno and hanged! Then it went off totally. All efforts to put it back on since proved abortive!

    Ɑ̤̥̈̊м̣̣̥̇̊ currently in Akure now and don’t know if I can use my warranty and if possible, how do I go about it!


    • admin

      Hello Adeoye
      An issue like yours might not be covered with warranty if the cause is from your current (voltage). However,from what you said the problem might not be from the charging. Kindly call [state dial code-8821234] Tecno carl care to know their nearest office in your state if any, where you can take the phone.

  107. uchefish

    f7 and n9 which one is better plz

    • admin

      Hello Uchefish
      Tecno N9 is a pad that you still use as a phone while Tecno F7 is simply a smartphone. They are both different with the same functionality. Tecno N9 has bigger screen and a stronger battery compared to Tecno F7. They are both good, it depends on what you want.

  108. Lashonda

    I would definitely not recommend these as ways to break the ice
    however. No matter what your field, it helps to know what
    you’re good at, but it also helps to recognize what others
    are good at. These surgeries are a matter of personal preference,
    peer pressure from fellow entertainers and the need to maintain an unrealistic image that
    is associated with them.

    • admin

      Hi Lashonda
      Thank you for your contributions

  109. princess

    Pls I need techno phantom mini pad wat is d price now

    • admin

      Hi Princess
      Tecno phantom mini pad is currently N28,000.

  110. fellyx

    I need a smart with a fully functional smart pen. can you suggest some? you can also add their prices. A mail will be appreciated.

    • admin

      Hi Fellyx
      Kindly check our website @ http://www.parktelonline.com. Smart phones with pen calibration is on the samsung category. However samsung Galaxy Note 3 has a pen calibration. current price is N105,000.

  111. Anthony Didioma

    Admin, pls differentiate between Tecno phantom N9 and P9 with advantage noting. Thanks in anticipation

    • admin

      Hi Anthony
      Currently Tecno Phantom N9 is no longer the market, however Tecno phantom P9 which is a 7.0″ Tab was used to replace it. Both have almost the same specs, but Tecno Phantom N9 is bigger in size.

  112. Emmanuel vikpala

    Tecno phantum N9 is the best tablet i’ve ever used since i started using phones. And even as am pinging, that’s what am using and that’s all my pix are sparklin. TECNO keep it up……!

  113. Alexis

    Please the power pank does what?

    • admin

      Hi Alexis,
      Power bank are like external battery. when charged, you can use it to charge your device battery.

  114. omoliki

    l saw techno n9 from my friend. it works better. i tried to get mine at techno office in ABUJA but I was told that it’s no longer in d market. how can I get it.

    • admin

      Hi OMoliki
      Sorry, Tecno N9 is no longer available in the market.

  115. trish

    Pls is tecno phantom N9 now available in the market and how much does it cost .

    • admin

      Hi Trish

      Tecno phantom N9 is no longer in the market. Tecno-mobile has stopped the production.

  116. gays meeting

    Simply want to say your article is as astonishing. The clearness
    in your post is simply spectacular and i can assume you’re an expert on this subject.
    Fine with your permission let me to grab your feed to keep up to date
    with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please continue the enjoyable work.

    • admin

      Thank you.

  117. Dr Ordon Derm Exclusive review

    Keep this ǥoing please, great job!

    • admin

      Hello Ordon,

      Thank you for stopping by.

  118. esther taiwo

    Plz wat id d’diff btw tecno phantom ipad N9 and tecno phantom mini pad.

    • admin

      Hello Taiwo,

      Tecno pad N9 is bigger in size than Tecno Mini pad P9 and their camera quality & battery capacity differs as well.

  119. neha verma

    Hello guys what a nice blog that gives information that which is better device Tecno Phantom Pad N9 or Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 .Nice comparision of both devices. thanks keep it up.

  120. Yourchoice1

    great job, n9

  121. Julius

    Pls I need to purchase a new Techno Phantom Pad N9.Kindly email me the current price and is there a way that I could meet with your Representative at Akure,Ondo State,in order to facilitate the transaction.


    • admin

      Hi Julius,
      Tecno Phantom Pad N9 is no longer available. However, Tecno 8H Droipad and Tecno 7C Droipad are the current Pads available. kindly call 08084667600 for further details.

      • Debbie

        Pls am confused about d sim status, is tecno N9 a dual sim phone. Some information online tells me its a double sim phone while some says its a single sim phone. pls which is which…? I want to get it. Kindly reply via ds email address. Thanks

        • admin

          Hi Debbie,

          Tecno N9 pad is a single sim tablet. Meanwhile the tablet is longer available.

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