Tecno Phantom Pad Mini (P9): Review Specs and Price in Nigeria

Tecno Phantom Pad Mini P9 Nigeria

If you’re not too comfortable with 8-inch and 10.1-inch tablets and would prefer something smaller, then the new Tecno P9 Phantom Pad mini is a device you’ll definitely love.

This device, as described by Tecno, is a perfect workmate and life companion that not only embraces function endowed by a tablet, but also works well as a giant smartphone.

Call the P9 a tablet, and you’d be right. Call it a smartphone — a giant one — and you still won’t go wrong. It’s just one great combo that promises to make your life easier.

In this post, we’ll be looking at the various features and specifications of the Tecno Phantom Pad Mini (or Tecno P9). Also, we’ll be comparing it with its predecessor, the Tecno Phantom Pad N9, wherever we deem necessary.


The Tecno Phantom P9 mini pad comes in a sleek design that makes it pass for a high end tablet. Slightly thinner and smaller than the Phantom N9 tablet, the P9 has most of its front surface taken up by the 7-inch display, under which lie four control buttons.

On the backside of the device, the primary camera peeps out of the top left corner, flanked a little to the right by its flash. The rest of this surface is plain, but for the name “TECNO” written some centimeters above the center.

The slightly curved, thinned out edges of the device make it very easy to handle.


The Tecno Phantom Pad Mini P9 spots a 7-inch IPS capacitive display with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. Though this display size is slightly smaller than the 8-inch display of the Phantom Pad N9, the resolution is better than the N9’s 1024 x 768 pixels.

If you’re lost on what a 7-inch display looks like, think of the screen size of the small Samsung Galaxy Tab (7.0) or the Infinix Joypad, and you’d get a perfect match.

OS and Performance

The Tecno Phantom Pad Mini P9 runs on Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean). The device is powered by a 1.2GHz MT8389 quad-core processor with a GPU for effective graphics handling. These specifications are exactly what obtained with the Phantom N9. So, in the aspects of OS and processor speed, it’s a draw between both devices.


While the Phantom Pad N9 comes with 1GB RAM and 16GB of internal memory, the new Phantom Pad Mini P9 comes with the same 1GB of RAM, but 8GB of internal memory. And as expected, the device comes with a microSD slot for memory expansion.


Just like the Phantom Pad N9, the Tecno Phantom Pad Mini flaunts two cameras — a 5MP rear-facing camera and a 2MP front-facing camera for video calling. Here again, it’s no winner, and no vanquished.

However, since the P9 has a sharper display than its predecessor, expect to see clearer images than what you would get with a Phantom Pad N9.


The Tecno Phantom Pad Mini is packed with a 4000mAh battery, which, according to Tecno, would last a long as 8 hours with moderate usage. With lighter usage, however, the device can deliver for even longer.

Though the battery has a lower rating when compared with the N9’s 4500mAh battery, the fact that the P9 has a smaller display means both devices would last for roughly the same duration.

In all…

The Tecno P9 is a great device. It’s cheap, portable, sleek, and light. And it beats the Tecno N9 in the aspect of display, while it bows to it in the aspects of internal memory and display size. Aside these three major differences, all other specs in both products are the same.


For now, the Tecno P9 Phantom Pad Mini is yet to be available at the Parktel Online Store. But it will be available very soon. Expect a price tag of between N25,000 to N28,000.

In brief, here are the specs of the Tecno Phantom P9 Mini:

  • Display: 7-inch IPS capacitive touchscreen display (1200 x 800 pixels)
  • Connectivity: 2G, 3G, 3.75G
  • OS: Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean)
  • Processor: 1.2GHz MT8389 quad-core processor
  • GPU: Embedded
  • Memory: 1GB RAM, 8GB internal memory (expandable with microSD card)
  • Camera: 5MP rear facing camera, 2MP front-facing camera
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 3.0, GPS, WiFi, USB
  • Sensors: Light, Gravity, Proximity
  • Battery: 4000mAh Li-Ion battery (8 hours talk time)
Latest Comments
  1. Obani

    I’m a regular at your store in ikeja. Nice services. Its been a while this post has been. So I was wondering if the mini is already in your stores because I want to buy one now, if possible today. Went to slot in ikorodu but didn’t see the pad mini available n wanted to buy the N9 there but their prices are outrageous. Thanks in anticipation of your reply. Waiting….

    • admin

      Hello Obani
      yes, the Tecno Phantom Pad mini is now available @ N28,000.There is a discount when you come to our office. Call 08084667600, 08098597005 to make your order.

      • Margaret

        please I want to place an order for Techno p9 phone. please reply stating the current cost and delivering mode.

        thank you

        • admin

          Hi Margaret Tecno P9 is currently N28,000. Kindly call 08084667600 to place your order. Delivery is free of charge in Lagos and Abuja

  2. sega

    Does it come with pouch?

    • admin

      Hello Sega
      Yes Tecno P9 comes with a pouch.

  3. bukky

    my p9 display screen light goes off too fast.how do i change it?

    • admin

      Hello Bukky
      To change your display timeout or sleeping time. Goto settings > display > click sleep \ timeout > then check the number of seconds you want.

  4. Simon

    Hey admin, I’m in Uganda but would love to have the p9 pad mini. How can I have one?

    • admin

      Hi simon
      Currently all our operations are within Nigeria.

  5. temitope

    Plsss can one purchase online?

    • admin

      Hi Temitope
      Ofcourse you can. Log onto http://www.parktelonline.com, search for the product you wish to buy, add it to your cart and make the payment online if you wish to.

  6. tayo

    pls i would like to know the actual price of the tecno f8.

    • admin

      Hi Tayo
      Tecno F8 is currently N45,000. Kindly call 08084667600 to place your order.Efficient delivery!

  7. Gladys

    Pls I want to knw, does tecno p9 has quickoffice to edit doc or pdf.

    • admin

      Hi Gladys
      Yes, with Tecno P9 you can read pdf files and word documents.

  8. Gani

    Pls I want to know if tecno p9 comes with micro sd

    • admin

      Hi Gani
      There is space for micro SD, but it does not come with any memory card.Besides the internal memory is 8GB.

  9. hope

    hi. please whats the current price tags for both tecno p9 and n9. . . and which is best among the two? thanks

    • admin

      Hi Hope
      Tecno Phantom Pad N9 is no longer available, probably you should go for Tecno P9 which currently N28,000.

  10. Emma

    I learn the p9 uses only one sim.I was wondering if its possible for it to operate as a dual sim

    • admin

      Hello Emma,
      Tecno Phantom P9 can only use one sim. There is nothing you can do to accommodate more than one sim.

  11. Steve

    Pls does p9 have Microsoft application? What’s the current price tag. Where can i get a good one in adoekiti and uyo?

    • admin

      Hi Steve
      Tecno P9 is an android device,it will run windows app that’s also on android version. The price is currently N28,000 at Parktelonline store. We make delivery nation wide, kindly call 08084667600, 08098597005 to place your order

  12. Odibo odia

    I school at uniben. & i would love to get a tecno p9. Any idea how to get it from lagos to benin from you guys?

    • admin

      Hi Odibo,
      Kindly call 08084667600 to place your order. Delivery outside of Lagos and Abuja attracts delivery fee of N2000 and it takes 24hours.

  13. umar

    Please how can I print from tecno p9

    • admin

      Hi Umar,

      The only way to print from your device is by connecting to a wireless printer.

  14. norah

    Please I specifically need the tecno p9 with 16gb memory, do u have it? If yes…how much is it…I stay in ijanikin. Lagos state…cn u deliver it…pls I need it asap..ur response wld be great..thanks

    • admin

      Hi Norah

      Tecno p9 is available. kindly call 08084667600 to place your order.

  15. sunday

    I want to know the current price of tecno p9 pad if I am not buying online

    • admin

      hello Sunday,
      The current price of tecno p9 pad is 28000.
      kindly call 08084667600 or 08098697005 to place your order

  16. ola

    Hw much is tecno p9 n I’m in abk hw can i get it

    • admin

      Hello Ola,
      Tecno P9 is 28,500. Kindly call 08084667600 to place your order.

  17. Yahaya Sadiq

    I want to order online but to be delivered to Minna in Niger state how do start the order process.

    • admin

      Hello Yahaya,

      Kindly visit our online phone mart @ http://www.parktelonline or simply call 08084667600 for further assistance.

  18. Adewale

    Tecno p9 still avialable?
    How much?

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