Tecno Phantom A2 (Tecno F8): The Next Big Thing!

Tecno f8 phantom a2

After a fairly long break with their large-screen Android devices, Tecno has hit the market again — this time with the new Tecno Phantom A2 aka Tecno F8.

With the Phantom A (Tecno F7) being a huge success, the company has leapt even further ahead with the latest device, which is better than the F7 in a number of aspects.

According to Tecno, the new F8 is a product of innovative thinking and a collection of brilliant ideas. And the product promises to make life more interesting, simpler, and even more colorful. In fact, Tecno, at the risk of sounding boastful, describes the new device as the “leader of next generation smartphones”.

Now, let’s look at the features of the new Tecno Phantom A2 (F8), especially those aspects in which it trumps the Phantom A1 (F7).


While the Phantom A1 flaunts a high-definition 5-inch capacitive touchscreen display, the new Phantom A2 has a larger 5.7-inch display. So, this phone is made to impress those who are sticklers for large display.


Aside running on 2G and 3G networks, the new Tecno F8 takes one more step ahead by running on the 3.75G network. This guarantees even faster internet connection and download speed. The F7 runs on only 2G and 3G.

OS and processor

The older Tecno F7 runs on Android 4.1.1 (the old version of Jelly Bean) and it packs a 1.0 GHz dual core processor. But the Tecno F8 runs on the latest version of Jelly Bean (version 4.2.2) and packs a stronger and faster 1.2 GHz quad core processor.


Both the Tecno F7 and F8 have two cameras. F7 has an 8MP rear camera and a 1.2MP front camera. But the F8 paled all that into insignificance with its 13MP rear camera and 8MP front camera. Yes, you read right. 13MP and 8MP! The front camera is definitely a record breaker. None of the high-end smart phones have a front camera with a resolution this high.


Even though the 2100 mAh battery in the Tecno F7 works just fine, Tecno improved on the F8’s battery. The new smartphone packs a 2630 mAh Li-ion battery.

Here are the full specs of the Tecno F8 (Phantom A2)

  • Networks: 2G, 3G, 3.75G
  • Processor: 1.2 GHz quad core processor
  • OS: Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)
  • Display: 5.7-inch capacitive HD touchscreen (720 x 1280 pixels)
  • Camera: 13MP rear camera, 8MP front camera
  • Memory: 1GB RAM, 4GB internal memory (expandable)
  • Sensors: G-sensor, proximity sensor, light sensor
  • Battery: 2630 mAh Li-ion

PRICE: The new Tecno Phantom A2 sells for N46,000 at the Parktel Online Store.

Latest Comments
  1. Don Prince

    plz I ve the f7 phantom but i will like to upgrade to the F8 phantom bcos of its great features and durability. I enjoyed the F7 and have been expecting the launch of F8. How do i get it

  2. FI

    Nice one from techno, pls I have the techno f7 , any dealer here that ll accept my f7 + cash so I can get the f8 , pls kol me if u are interested 08137726692

    • Joseph

      To buy cheap clean fairly used Techno F7 or swap yours (adding little change on it) for higher versions like F7+, A2, F8 e.t.c. call right away 07037555949.

  3. Ehisolo

    Thanks Author, but there is correct, Tecno phantum A plus F7 is
    1.2 Quadcore proccess not 1.0 as u said.
    O S is 4.2 Jelly bean latest Android & not 4.1 as u said. thanks

    • Ehisolo

      And the network is 3.5ghz and not 3g only

    • admin

      Thanks for that, but i was actually referring to the tecno Phantom A not Phantom A+

  4. samson kavisi from kenya

    I love techno phantom A phone.I can do all the works samsung S4 can perform. thanks guys. How can I get the phantom A iPad then?

  5. amy

    Ps, do you know when Tecno running on Android kitkat 4.4 Would be out and available?

    • admin

      WE don’t know for sure but One of the companies behind Android 4.4 KitKat suggests that the software will be arriving in October.

      • Desmond Kawah

        That’s true phatom F9 was launched today being the first of October.

  6. Lister John Seremon

    is nce but how could i get that phone, am from Arusha, i need it, and my contacts are +255762398793

    • admin

      Sorry sir, we only operate within Nigeria

  7. amen

    46k? isnt that on the high side? it’s launch price is 250dallars which comes down to approximately 40-41k

    • admin

      Thank God you said “launch price”, there are other little factors like Transport fair,Overtime delay in supply that will possibly make the price a bit higher.

  8. Joshua

    Am knew in the world of smart phones. Can some one pls tell me if techno n7 and f7 be able to do skype.

    • admin

      Both can skype very well. Infact all android phones of 2.3 android 2.3 OS and above can skype.

  9. Dein

    Does techno phantom A2 comes with a power bank? N if yes apart 4rm d camera is there any other thing the A2 use in beating the A ?

    • admin

      No power bank for tecno phantom A2,for the differences; A2 has a higher processor and a larger screen size besides the Camera quality.

      • yemi lahanmi

        is the camera good in low light conditions like d lumia 920?

        • admin

          All the phone cameras have their differences. The camera is very ok

  10. freddy

    thanks tecno guys,I ask u Mr.admin,for how many hours can tecno phantom A2’s battery can sustain from morning till evening?I mean charge capacity,other wise tecno in future they have to upgrade ram from 1gb to 1.5gb and above,and ROM to above the usual 4gb to at least 8gb.

    • admin

      we look forward to that someday. The battery capacity depends on how you use it; frequent browsing runs down the battery faster.

  11. sab

    8mp front camera? Seriously?

    • admin

      yes seriously!

  12. Salami

    Hi, pls do the Phantom A2 comes with Flipcover & power bank?

    • admin

      phantom A2 only comes with a flipcover.

  13. freddy

    when do we expect phantom A2+?,I am really waiting for that.

  14. babatunde hammed

    pls, how much is tecno p5.
    I need one tmrw…..
    your reply is highly needed

    • admin

      currently Tecno P5 is N16,000. Kindly call 08084667600, 08098597005 to place your order.

  15. Smart

    Pleas does Tecno phanton A2(f8) perform multitasking, video recording and run HD games pls i need to knw? tnx

    • admin

      yes of course!

  16. noah asfaw

    does the A2 come with a micro sd like the A+

    • admin

      yes. it comes with 8GB.

  17. chitrue

    1. So the techno A2 is different from the tecno A+?
    2. Pls what are the prices of the TecnoA, A+, and A2?
    3. If tecno A is aka Tecno F7, and Tecno A2 is F8, then what is Tecno A+ also known as?
    4.. And please could you give the average prices of the phones?

    • admin

      Tecno phantom A2 is quit different from phantom A+. phantom A2 is the most recent one that is the market now. phantom A+ and phantom A is currently N36,000,phantom A2 is N45,000 . Both phantom A and phantom A+ are called F7 because phantom A+ is an upgrade of phantom A. kindly check http://www.parktelonline.com for further clearance.

  18. francis

    Why do u only operate in Nigeria? Dont u think other coubtries are in need of your services and products? Try extend into east africa, many people would definately go for your products, me FIRST

    • admin

      Thank you sir, We are working on that.

  19. temi

    The phantom A comes with a power bank and y is it that phantom A2 doesn’t come with any?

    • admin

      Recent phantom A+ phones does not come with a power bank. That’s how tecno made it

  20. sandra

    Ive neva seen a phone wit two flash lights n How cum it doesn’t hv torch

    • admin

      you can download a torch app, if you need one

  21. freddy

    for sure Mr.admin,here in east Africa especially Tanzania we proudly need your service,because many people like genuine TECNO mobile phones especially android version.please check for it.

  22. pomu

    sir i need to know about video rec frame rate and format that f8 records is AVI or MP4 also need to about batery life can it last a day with continues apps that uses internet like whatsaap,viber,tango, thax

    • admin

      it supports most video formats both Avi and mp4. The battery life is quit ok, but continuous use of such apps “non-stop” will run down the battery faster

  23. esther o olukowajo

    nice one

  24. Olq

    Pls hw much is tecno m7

  25. Hali

    please can the tecno phantom A2 use the power bank of tecno phantom A?

    • admin

      yes ofcourse. you can even buy a compatible power bank from the market. They all serve the same funtion

  26. Adam

    i want a white tecno phantom A2 but iam in tanzania,,please i need ur help soo much

    • admin

      Sorry sir we only operate within Nigeria.

  27. lomotey

    I have been a regular user of techno products and wish to confirm they are good and affordable. Can you give th e difference between phantom A2(F8) and A2(F9). Thanks and keep it up.

    • admin

      Hi lomotey
      Tecno F9 is not yet in the market yet. But from inside sources Tecno F9 have a lager screen and more camera pixels.

  28. lomotey

    Can you tell the difference between phantom A2 (F8) and phantom A2 (F9) if any and when is product arriving in Ghana. Thanks

    • admin

      Hopefully before the end of the year the Tecno P5 will be available both in Ghana and Nigeria

  29. francis hart

    I have the tecno f8, and it’s so nice. it helps me in my day to day activities, and also stop me from going to the cyber cafe. i urge everyone to go for it, it’s the best and it functions like the Galaxy s4. what i love so much, is the back camera 13mpix and front camera 8mpix. The pictures of the 13mpix 8mpix are clean both day and night. Thanks to Tecno Company.

    • admin

      Hi Francis hart
      Thanks for the tip.

  30. horlatunji

    I don’t av d phantom f9 yet bt frm wat I ,its has almost d same function wit samsung s4.am gonna get d phantom f9(a2) veri soon

  31. Kalifaa

    Is the phantom A8 really better than the A7 and does the phantom A8 have 2 torch lights?…i’m thinking of gettin’ one but i dont like the idea of it havin’ torch lights

    • admin

      Hi Kalifaa
      It depends on what you are looking for in a phone, Phantom F8 have better camera pixel and a larger screen compare to Phantom F7. What you called “torch light” is a high sensored flash light for the camera in Phantom F8.

  32. Abraham Chocko

    Please does the techno Phantom A2,comes with a pre-loaded, whatsapp, twitter, google voice, skype, gtalk, gmail and yahoo messenger?
    I believed BBM can be downloaded on it, if all theses apps are not pre-loaded can it work on it normally when installed?

    • admin

      Hi Abraham Chocko
      All Android phones including Tecno can run all the Apps you stated above.

  33. Treasure

    Now that phantom 2 doesn’t come with a power bank, will it cause any demage if I buy and use a power bank on it?

    • admin

      Hi Treasure
      Not at all. so long as the power bank is compatible with it.

  34. Debo

    Good day Admin,
    I just bought the phantom F8 and to my greatest surprise the cameras are not as good as ever expect. it apears dark and not even as good as my old fone which has 8 mega pixel .I need help on the camera issue as am almost fed up of the fone.
    I will appreciate your prompt response.

    • admin

      Hi Debo
      The quality of the camera is a factory issue. There is no possible way to improve the camera quality. However always be conscious of the camera setting, it might be affecting it.

  35. juve

    plz we nid to know d proper settings of pantom f7,cos mine gets me dark pix in low light conditions.bt amazin in day light.also,wen are we expectin gorilla screens on tecno? tanx.

    • admin

      Hi Juve
      kindly rephrase your question, i don’t really understand what you are implying.

  36. chike

    Is techno f8 better than techno pad

    • admin

      Hi Chike
      Tecno F8 and Tecno Pad are two different devices.The formal is phone,while the latter is Phone + Pad. So it depends on what you really want, a Phone or a pad.You can as well check the specs to know the one you want.

  37. BL3ZZY

    i am enjoying my f7… for dose complaining abt the camera… pls understand tecno re usung low chips (materias) dats y thire price re heap.

    me love tecno. they make andriod phone affordable for every one

    • admin

      Hello Blezzy
      Thanks for checking by.

  38. Yekini

    Hi i need phantom A plus my budget is just 25k

    • admin

      Hi Yekini
      Tecno Phantom A+ is N35,900 on our store, except you want to go for the fairly used. Unfortunately we don’t sell fairy used phones.

  39. tt

    What will you consider the best camera setting for phantom A+?

    • admin

      Hi tt.
      The camera setting depends on the time of the day. Notably during the day 7AM – 5PM, the white balance should be set to “Daylight” and likewise in the night to “Night”. You can always alternate the White balance setting to suit your taste.


    Plz how much is d price of Tecno A2 now both fairly & new? I’m in Ekiti state & how will i get it?

    • admin

      Hello PCYMCMB
      Tecno A2 is currently N45,000 for the new one, we don’t sell fairly used. Kindly call 08084667600, 08098597005 to place your order. Delivery to Ekiti state takes 24hours.

  41. Yusuf

    please how can i stop this annoying pad sound whenever iam typing messages in tecno F8

    • admin

      Hello Yusuf
      To disable the keypad sound on your android phone, goto settings > click language & input > then tap Android keyboard and untick sound on keypress.

  42. jeff banks

    I have tecno phantom pad N9 and am asking if at all it will get an update to android 4.4kitkat and when?? and is OTA neccesary for any update??

    • admin

      Hi Jeff Banks
      You can Upgrade your android device without OTA. It’s very necessary

  43. adeyanju

    Please help. The battery of my techno F8 phone do not charge beyond 30%. What is the likely problem and what can u do?. The problem started recently

    • admin

      Hi adeyanju
      Use your follow-come charger or any other original charger.If the problem persist, then you need to replace your battery.

  44. Samuel

    How much is the tecno r7 latest prize

    • admin

      hello Samuel,
      the price of tecno r7 is 44500.
      Kindly call 08084667600 or 08098597005 to place your order

  45. Samuel

    What is deference between r7 and f8 and there prize

    • admin

      Phantom A2(f8) is no longer available(the production has stopped). Tecno R7 comes with 5.5” Gorilla Glass HD(720*1280) Touchscreen, 16gb inbuilt memory and 2gb ram and it also runs on a 6-core processor. the features of tecno r7 are higher than tecno f8.
      Kindly call 08084667600 or 08098597005 to place your order

  46. Okay children Nnochiri

    How can I transfer my contacts from another phone to my TechnoA7

    • admin

      Hello Okay

      An Android Pc suite like mobogenie will help. However there are other several methods such as, Gmail contact sync or the use of third party apps like Super Backup.

  47. Okay children Nnochiri

    contacts from another phone to my TechnoA7

    • admin

      Hello Okay
      pls explain your self properly, Meanwhile if you wish to transfer contacts to your new device, gmail contacts sync will help.

  48. Fidel Justus

    Please how can i switch of the sound that usually comes out each time i switch ON/OFF my teco m7.Help me please.

    • admin

      Hi Fidel,

      You can only remove the start up sound if your device is rooted. Let me know if your device is rooted and I will direct you on how to remove the sound.

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