Tecno M3: Review and Specs

Tecno M3

While Nigerians haven’t finished admiring the L3, Tecno released yet another low-end, but irresistible  and feature-packed Android smartphone, the Tecno M3. Though it packs a less powerful battery than that of the L3, it beats its most recent predecessor in a many other aspects.

In this post, we’ll be looking at the features and specifications of the Tecno M3, and we’ll be comparing it to its brothers where necessary.

Design and display

Though the casing of most Tecno devices is made of plastic, the company hasn’t been faring badly in the area of design. And the M3 is just another proof of this. The device has a moderate shape, just like the P3.

Looking at the backside of the phone, the only features that make it different from the P3 are the camera and speaker openings. The M3’s camera is shaped like a square with curved edges, while the P3 has a round camera. And the P3 has a horizontal slit for the speaker, as against the sieve-like opening at the back of the P3.

Performance, processor, and memory

Tecno M3 runs on Android 4.2 (Gingerbread), and it is packed with a 1 GHz dual core processor and 512MB of RAM. Frankly, this combination is a bit disappointing. One would expect this phone to have 1GB of RAM as an improvement over the P3.

The M3 has 4GB of internal memory, which is a big improvement over the P3’s 512MB. And you can expand this to up to 32GB using a micro SD card. The device comes with a free 8GB memory card, though.


This is one of the selling points of the Tecno M3. For the first time, a Tecno low-end smartphone features a Polaroid with a resolution of 5 megapixels. And there’s a secondary camera in front, too.

In all…

The M3 may not have many reasons to set it wide apart from the P3 and L3, but it runs games and apps more smoothly and packs more internal memory — which means you won’t get those frustrating “low memory” notifications anytime soon.

Here are the full specs of the Tecno M3:

  • Dimensions: 115.3 x 61.2 x 11.9
  • Display: 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen
  • Networks: 2G, 3G
  • OS: Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean)
  • Processor: 1GHz dual core processor
  • Camera: 5MP rear camera, front camera
  • Memory: 1GB RAM, 4GB internal memory
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB, WiFi, WiFi hotspot
  • Battery: 1400 mAh Li-Ion
Latest Comments
  1. jane

    i bought a Tecno M3 yesterday and i’ve noticed that the fone doesn’t respond unless i insert two sims, detecting sim(s) is a problem besides the phone keeps locking me out. Infact, I borrowed a fone to send this comment because the phone is locked.
    Again, the keypad clicking when typing a message drives me nuts. Is there a way I can turn it off? Thank you.

    • admin

      Remove the battery, and restart the phone, if it continues take it to a Tecno Repair centre, all Tecno phones come with one year warranty.

    • Josh

      how much did you buy it?

  2. Ayodeji akinwale

    D techno M3 has no flash share how can som1 setles dis

    • admin

      Just find someone who has it and get it via Bluetooth. It’s very simple.

  3. Ayodeji akinwale

    Pls if u knw how to get flash share on M3 kindly help me to send it to dis number 08067436351

  4. Ejike

    pls i wnt 2 knw if tecno m3 can skype call

    • admin

      Yes. Just download the Skype application from Play Store

  5. emjay

    In summary, which is better between m3 and l3……i really need 2 know so i dont go 4 d less good

    • admin

      M3 is the upgraded version of L3. But the difference is not much

  6. orelaja oluwafemi johnson

    i just buy this tecno m3 yesterday but i dont enjoy it becuase the barttery dos not stong at all! what can i do now

    • admin

      many factors contribute to low battery on phones most times; Always check the following, it will help boost your battery life
      .make sure the bluetooth\wifi\hostspot is switched off when not in use
      .Reduce the timeout duration
      .Reduce the brightness also
      .Always make sure that no program is running in the background.
      .once in a while, let the battery go flat down before charging it. is a way of maintanining the battery life’s span

  7. orelaja oluwafemi johnson

    i buy this m3 because i need an strong battery 4 brwsing only

  8. Lanre

    please, how do I remove sound from my techno M3 while typing? thanks. it’s urgent.

    • admin

      Simply go to settings> audio profiles> general> click on dial pad touch tones to remove> also click touch sounds to remove the sounds

  9. Josh

    how much does it cost?

  10. johnejika

    Pls does m3 copy and paste? How much does it cost in Nigeria.

  11. Dalin

    Jst download flash share apk,u can google it .

  12. Lawson

    Pls can Tecno M3 Do Instagram? And can it download 3D games like PES 2013

    • admin

      Tecno M3 runs on android 4.2, it can install all android applications. Both instagram and pes

  13. vincent

    pls do tecno m3 support whatsapp and 2go app

    • admin


  14. Benjamin

    Pls how can I get this tecno m3? I stay in delta and I need the phone and what is the current price?

  15. vincent

    Do tecno m3 nd Q1 support 2go,whatsapp and skype app

    • admin

      ofcourse sir @ vincent

  16. Lescot

    Pls how much is m3 in Ghana cedis

    • admin

      Sorry sir, we only operate within nigeria.

  17. suleman abdul hakeem

    tecno m3 if use it with AV television u go show on tv & all android we he do who get battery past say na l3 or m3 because i want to buy my own because battery is phone if battery not good is not good b that because me like game well well pls tel me true

    • admin

      l3 battery is stronger than m3. That’s a fact

  18. suleman abdul hakeem

    why l3 battery strong past m3 ? Because m3 senior l3

  19. suleman abdul hakeem

    pls”repeat that tecno m3 make do the battery make dey strong wellwell because i like it pls i love tecno now

  20. Tayo

    Hi.my memory card got stolen ad I WNT a repalcement wit all of it apphw do I go abt it.tecno d3

    • admin

      Google play is a free app store, once you have a google account, you can easily download all your favourite apps.you can as well get this apps from your friends using flash share

  21. idris

    pls does m3 run on 3G network

    • admin

      tecno M3 runs on 3.75G/3G/2G network

  22. akinola

    @admin which one can u advice me to buy between l3 and m3….apart from the bar3 life

    • admin

      Both are very ok. But M3 has a higher processor and it’s the upgrade to L3.

  23. prince

    hw many hrs can m3 batt take

    • admin

      It all depends on what you are doing with it. it’s moderate though

  24. K.BOY

    Plz can tecno m3 accept 3D PES GAME 2012?

    • admin

      yes, it will run very smoothly.

      • Solo

        Plz i need tecno m3 am in imo naw how can i get it

        • admin

          Hi Solo,

          We can have the phone delivered to your current location. Kindly call 08084667600 to place your order or visit parktelonline.com

  25. K.BOY

    plz will tecno m3 last till december diz year coz i dont want to buy it nw?

  26. chinaza

    pls does tecno m3 last still novemeber. Cos i want 2 buy it by then nd also hw much is tecno L3 .

    • admin

      Tecno L3 is N15,000. I wouldn’t know if tecno M3 will still be available by November. it depends on tecno, they might decide to face it out or leave it.

  27. habeeb

    pls does dis m3 has A-gps or gps rada.coz n3 has gps

    • admin

      yes ofcourse!

      • Cheikh Oumar Tall

        Sorry. Mine has no GPS. PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO FIX THE PROBLEM.

        • admin

          Hello Cheikh
          I don’t understand your question. All Tecno Android phones comes with GPS

          • Cheikh Oumar Tall

            Trying to use Qibla Compass i received a message telling in french : your Android has ni compass.

  28. Theresa

    I deleted everything on my assistant menu how do i restore it

    • admin

      Did you do any form of backup for your device? if yes, kindly restore the data on your phone.

  29. Lawrence

    Can i replace my M3 battery with that of l3..Simply because it draining within afew hours…Or is there any other battery i can use instead?

    • admin

      You can buy M3 battery in the marktet. it’s available

  30. Daniel

    is the m3 still goin to be available this october…….cos i need special delivery…and does it hav java

    • admin

      Possibly. it’s java enabled

      • Daniel


        • admin

          Tecno M3 is N15,000. Kindly call Kindly call 08084667600, 08098597005 to place your order.

  31. armstrong

    my tecno m3 battery is wow..at 1st d post i got on this blog was discouraging abt m3 battery life.to my greatest suprise i jx bought a tecno m3 nd my ba3 last 24hrs wt usage..al u nid do 4 as m3 user is to install DU BATTERY SAVER..reduce ur screen brightness.open d DU BATTERY SAVER app..scrol down to ‘current energy saver mode’ select-LONG..and watch ur tecno m3 ba3 al day

    • admin

      Of course, we didn’t say the battery isn’t good. We only stated that it doesn’t last as long as that of the L3.

      • menyoli william

        from the phone specs i read it says the bat3 is suppose to last for 300hrs but mine last just for like 48 hrs upon light usage what am i suppose to do? i have reduced brightness, 3g n all other stuffs but its still last for just 2 days

        • admin

          Hi William

          Upon usage your battery cells get weak. This could result to reduced battery spam. However there are other factors that determine how long your battery stay. Kindly follow this link and this for battery saving tips.,

  32. SB

    urgent help on how to disable keypad tunes on tecno m3. I ve unchecked the dial key pad tune and touch sound still the sound won’t stop. what do I do? I just bought the phone new. its so annoying.

    • admin

      If you have done that, probably it might be a malfuntion. Try and do factory reset and uncheck those box again. if it persist, take it to tecno care.

  33. SB

    @admin I can’t stop the keypad sound on my tecno m3. I ve unchecked the box in the general settings but still the sound won’t stop. what do u think is the problem? I just bought this phone yesterday.

  34. Akinz

    Can M3 download google voice,chrome,fire fox?

    • admin

      yes,of course.you can those apps from google play store.

  35. Daniel

    how can i get it delivered to me please

    • admin

      Kindly call 08084667600, 08098597005 to place your order.

  36. olivia

    Go to audio profiles, click on d + sound and create a new profile the way you want it worked for me.

  37. Anthony Onos

    Pls i bought this M3 product but just over a week the bluetooth and wifi are not functioning. they power on but cant be found by other devices or see other devices although initially they worked and the bluetooth is set to visible to all devices. I want to know if something was altered or its a software problem

    • admin

      i can’t decipher what the problem might be since you’ve set the bluetooth to be visible to all. Backup your files and do a factory reset. if the issue persist take it to Tecno care office they will fix it free of charge.

  38. Lucky

    Hello Admin. Thanks for all the insightful replies to our questions. Pls,let me ask: Is it for real that Tecno M3 has a poor screen display when compared with Tecno L3,poor image quality, poor brightly-lit flash,and the inability to display HD games like Asphalt and Spiderman? Pls reply sir. I really need a swiftly reply that will guide whether I should go for it or not. Thanks!

  39. Lucky

    Hello Admin. Thanks for all the insightful replies to our questions. Pls,let me ask: Is it for real that Tecno M3 has a poor screen display when compared with Tecno L3,poor image quality, poorly-lit flash,and the inability to display HD games like Asphalt and Spiderman? Pls reply sir. I really need a swiftly reply that will guide whether I should go for it or not. Thanks!

    • admin

      Hi lucky
      Both Tecno L3 and Tecno M3 has a screen resolution of 320×480. So to say there is little or no difference in the display features. Both phones can play HD games too. The major difference between M3 and L3 is the battery capacity. That is, Tecno L3 has a strong battery life than Tecno M3.

  40. Lucky

    Thanks a lot sir. I really appreciate.

  41. Lucky

    Ok. What about the LCD flash of Tecno M3 sir? Is it as bright as L3?

  42. Ojeba

    To deactivate keypad typing tone/vibration on TECNO M3:
    Go to “settings“
    Scroll down and select
    “Language and input“
    Select the option in front of “Android keyboard“
    “Sound on keypress“ & “Vibrate on keypress“ if u dont need the vibration.

    • admin

      Hi Ojeba
      Thanks for the info.

    • tope

      pls i follow dis procedure 4 my tecno q1 is still make sound wat can i do pls?

      • admin

        Hi Tope
        To disable keypad tone navigate through settings > language and input > Android Keyboard > untick sound on keypress. This should take care of that.

        • Odunayo

          I cnt open bbm on my Tecno f5, d response has bn unable 2 complete setup, no connection found, ur connection 2 d wireless network is turned off, restore ur connections nd try again while data is on. Pls what cn I do abt dis?

  43. Epitomedamsel

    It is so disheartening.. I bought my tecno L3 August 16th. Mistakely fell, d screen got damage n d phone refused to cum up after few mins.. Took it to tecno office in October 14th n dey said it will cost me 6,900 naira to repair it … I wonder wat d one year warrantly’s for, wen der is no discount at all talkless of repairing it free..

    • admin

      Hi Epitomedamsel
      Basically Tecno Warranty covers only factory problem. Physical damage like yours, attracts a little fee. Though N6,900 sounds expensive it also depends on the level of damage the phone has.

  44. Anthony Onos

    Thanks for the service you are rendering here. Its sure helpful, pls i complained about my tecno m3 having a problem of bluetooth and wifi not working jus about two weeks after purchase. i went to the tecno shop in warri(@robson plaza) but they said they are not collecting phones because some they sent earlier to lagos are not yet back. I have been hanging since then. What should be my next course of action? because i cant fully utilize the phone as there’s a possibility of it being replaced if the problem cant be fixed. And pls wheres their office in Lagos?

  45. dking

    I was usin tecno p3 bfor and its veri simple to remuv d background data bt i culdnt get how to unmark the background data on m3 . its consumin my data and battery too much. i nid an urgent reply pls

    • admin

      Hi dking
      I don’t exactly understand what you mean by ” Background data”
      But if you wish to stop running services, you can do that through the App settings.

  46. oloyede michael

    pls d admin i nid a quick reply wats d different btw d expensive samsung galaxy and tecno android?

    • admin

      Hi oloyede michael
      kindly check this post

  47. anthony

    please!!! Does Tecno P5 battry last longer than Tecno M3’s battry? What is the price of Tecno P5? Please i would like 2 know these two things, thanks for great work.

    • admin

      Hi Anthony
      Tecno P5 has a battery capacity of 1800mAh while Tecno M3 has a battery capacity of 1400mAh. Thus Tecno P5 is expected to last longer than M3. Current price of Tecno P5 is N15,800.

      • ajayi olaleke

        how do I calibrate my techno M3 phone? The button are not responding accurately.

        • admin

          Hello Ajayi,

          Pls explain further, the issue you are having and when it started. I don’t understand the problem you stated.

  48. Samuel

    I bought a tecno M3 in september and d battery was nothing 2 write home about. It was always draining out in less dan 3hrs. I had to buy Tecno L3 and I have not regretted it @ all. D battery is superb

  49. samson

    pls wat wil one if he doesnt do back up for applicant because i als delect my assistant app

    • admin

      Hi samsom,
      I don’t really understand your question, but if you delete an app you didn’t back up. You can always dowload it again or collect from a friend. If it’s a system app, you can collect it from your friend’s rooted phone.

      • rejoice

        Y can’t I use my former memory card on dis my new tecno m3,even if it came wit a new 8 G,cos hav got lots of pix ,videos and musics,pls help

        • admin

          Hello Rejoice
          You can use any memory card of your choice on your Tecno M3, there shouldn’t be a problem with that.

  50. zik

    pls, after i hard reset my tecno Q1. D camera stopd working, is der any way 2 mak it work

    • admin

      Hi Zik
      Your camera stopped working? I don’t understand. But kindly verify that your camera software is still intact. Else visit any Tecno care around you, it might be a hardware problem.

  51. Oporia

    I realy Want 2 buy tecno m3 i want 2 kno how long wil d b3 last coz am abig gamer en wat games does it come with

    • admin

      Hi Oporia
      Tecno M3 is a very good device but it lacks long lasting battery. you can go for Tecno L3 that has the same specs with M3, it has a good battery.

  52. Judith

    How do i stop the shutter sound on the camera of my Tecno M3?

    • admin

      Hi Judith
      The only way to stop the camera sound on your Tecno M3 is by deleting the current camera sound from your phone system media files. For you to be able to do this, your phone must be rooted in order to access your device internal system files.

  53. Alex

    Can you subscribe on techno m3

    • admin

      Hi Alex
      Yes you can. Airtel Bis subscription is still the best for android smartphones currently.

  54. Gina

    pls can i watch television/DSTV with my tecno p5. If yes where can i locate it in my phone

    • admin

      Hi Gina
      Currently i don’t know of any reliable App that you can use to watch Dstv on your Tecno P5. The one i know “DRIFTA” is only compatible with Tecno N9 Pad.
      However you can search Google play store for one.

  55. peter

    My tecno m3 phone currently does not vibrate and it is barey two weeks old

    • admin

      Hi Peter
      Kindly check your Profile settings.That will be the only possible cause.

  56. lazeman

    Pls admin,btw d tecno p5 and m3 which is better,and which of them have a strong battery.thanks.

    • admin

      Hi Lazeman
      Tecno P5 is better than Tecno M3 overall. Tecno P5 has a stronger battery too.

  57. Gina

    tanx for the previous question u answered. My next question is dat my techno p5 use to be hot when charging it. Is it normal? Or is it a problem

    • admin

      Hi Gina
      If your phone is hot while charging; it’s either you are making use of it whilst charging or the current(voltage) in use is not suitable for it. Mostly, Generator current do cause this kind of issue. Is not normal. Quick Tip: When your phone is hot, remove the battery and power it again before you continue the charging.

  58. Enesz

    Mr. Admin, wnts 2 buy d tecno m3 nextweek z it still availiable in d market. 4 others phones product, different model bt same b3 eg Nokia. So my question r cn d m3 b3 b replaced wit L3 b3 and dat sayin (chinko na chinko) does it mean after 1yr it’s demaged.

    • admin

      Hi Enesz
      Tecno M3 is still available, kindly call 08084667600, 08098597005 to place your order. it comes with one year warranty.

  59. manma

    pls I got a problem wit my tecno b3 if i send app nd oda tinz tru my flash share it does nt work nd if they send 2 me it works nd does nt do like dat b4 I restore it several tyms bt still nd I have deleted it nd send it wit odas bt still d same prob nid help pls.

    • admin

      Hi Manma
      Kindly verify that both mobile phones are properly CONNECTED.That is, the display picture of both phones (flash share) must be showing. Moreover ensure you are running the updated version of flash share. If the problem persist, then download a fresh compatible flash share.

  60. pesa

    please help me. the front speaker of my phone tecno m3 has stopped to work. what
    can I do?

    • admin

      Hi pesa
      This is a hardware problem and Possibly your phone fell down for such to happen.Kindly take your device to the closest Tecno-care around you.

  61. Gina

    i like my Android tecno p5, pls how can i get its user guide manual book, in order to be using it well. The palmphlet dat comes with it did not explain things in detail. I tried to download it but no substantial result

  62. Jeddynm (Kenya)

    I bought M3 recently( a week ago) but i have a problem with the wi-fi connection even when the signal is very strong it does not connect giving this message “authentication problem”. Can u assist me on this?

    • admin

      Hi Jeddynm
      Kindly verify that you are connecting with the correct password. That will be the only possible reason for the connection error.

  63. Jasper

    I want to know if Techno M3 battery can be replaced with that of L3 or any other stronger battery. I also want to know if the M3 has document viewer and can open pdf files.

    • admin

      Hi Jasper
      If Tecno L3 battery can enter Tecno M3 comfortably; then it might work. All android devices can read PDF files,once you download the PDf App.

  64. Gina

    hello sir, my question still remain unanswered. Hw can i get tecno p5 user guide manual book?

  65. Kephar

    My techno m3 always vibrate whenever I make calls and received calls, how can I disable this vibration. . .. and how can I chose different ringtones for both sim 1and 2

    • admin

      Hello Kephar
      Your Tecno phones vibrate when someone picks your call – it’s just way of alerting you. To disable this function either put your phone on silent or put off the phone vibration in the profile setting,though i see no need for that. To choose a ringtone for any of your sim goto Setting >sound >voice call ringtone and choose your preferred ringtone for any of the sim

  66. mary

    Pls if am using MTN 4 suscription on blackberry if the suscription has not expired and I bought TECNO M3 will d suscription still be effective on the tecno or I will re-suscribe

    • admin

      Hi Mary
      Currently MTN BIS subscription is not working on android phones except you phone is rooted. But Normally it should work with some configurations if MTN is still giving that access.

  67. murray

    please how can i activate my data connection on my new M3 techno phone?

    • admin

      Hi murray
      Very easy one, Swipe your screen down from the uppermost part,you’ll see the list of all the the tabs. simply click the tab with “DATA” to turn on your data connection.

      • will

        I use a one week old techno a2. whenever I turn on the data I don’t see the E for Edge or 3G. Is my cone bad already?

        • admin

          Hello will
          I don’t understand your question.

  68. Gina

    gud day sir, how do i synchronize my contacts from my old nokia e5 to my new tecno p5 phone?

  69. Nornubari

    Helo admin, I’ve been reading post on social media about a phone released by Techno. It’s M5, i love its specs and would love to buy it instead of d M3. So I want to know if the M5 is out for sale now and its price.

    • admin

      Hi Nornubari
      Tecno M5 is currently N24,500.

  70. Nikesh sodha

    Dear admin, I just rebooted my tecno m3 but itz now been hours since I just can’t switch it on…plz guide me thru it and also plz advise whether I can keep L3 battery on ma m3 phone as my current battery isn’t giving me long time charge…

    • admin

      Hi Nikesh
      By rebooted, you mean you whiped the phone? If so, try to power the phone by holding both the power button and the volume key simultaneously. For your battery, so long as the battery can fit-in in your Tecno M3 -No Problem.

  71. jane

    please what is beside d front camera. please reply its kinda urgent. thank u

    • admin

      Hi jane
      That is the ambient light sensor – For use when you set screen brightness to auto. it keeps your screen brightness as compared to outside brightness, thus save battery with low screen brightness in dark or indoors.

  72. Kayode

    Please I just noticed that when I make call in l3 sometimes the front speaker doesn’t work What can I do

    • admin

      Hello Kayode
      Just make sure that your phone is not on loudspeaker.

  73. menu

    I just bought my tecno m3 am having problem with d Bluetooth n WiFi when I on d fone it work but after sometime it will stop working.pls ow can dis be fixed

    • admin

      Hello Menu
      Could you explain better the problem you are having. Is it that you can’t turn on the Wifi or bluetooth?

  74. menu

    d problem is DAT both d WiFi n d Bluetooth only work wen I reboot the fone after sometime or wen I want 2 transfer with d Bluetooth it will not turn on likewise d wifi it will only write turning on but it’s not on…not until I switch off and on.

  75. master p

    admin.. I’m a tecno m3 user. I bought a Bluetooth earphone, but my phone can’t detect it. how can I connect to the Bluetooth earpiece. the earpiece is good and it works in other phones like Nokia.

    • admin

      Hello Master P
      Kindly make sure that you have triggered the bluetooth in way that it can be detected by other device. This can be done to most bluetooth by: press and hold the power button for sometime, then release it to trigger the sensor, so it can be detected by other device.

  76. tega

    gud day admin my phone always open apps by itself making my ba3 to drain fast n wasting my megabyte. Hw can i stop dis.

    • admin

      Hello Tega
      That’s quit unusual, which app opens on it’s own? However you can always stop a running app through the app manager in the settings. Open settings > hit apps > hit running apps and disable the one you which to stop.

  77. Florence

    Pls, between tecno p5 and l3, which one has a superior battery life. Thanks.

    • admin

      Hi Florence
      Tecno L3 with 2400mAh battery capacity is stronger than Tecno P5 that 1800mAh capacity.

  78. esther o.

    pls how can I transfer and receive items with Bluetooth on techno M3 and also how can download bbm on techno M3

    • admin

      Hi Esther;
      Goto settings > Click wireless network or wlan > then bluetooth! from here you can either pair with someone or send something to them. You can download BBM from Google play store.

  79. Adah


    • admin

      Hi Adah
      When you are on your whatsapp; click on settings you will see your profile and you can set your profile picture from there.

  80. Sengeyao Kenya

    I am a Tecno M3 user in Kenya. My son deleted the Google app store by mistake. How do I restore it coz I can’t download apps anymore???

    • admin

      Hello sengeyao
      Make a google search for “google play store”. you should be able to redownload the app from the link you will see.

  81. Daniel

    Gud day sir and thanks 4 all your replies, pls sir does tecno m3 have flash share? If no how can one get it

    • admin

      Hi Daniel
      I believe the Tecno M3 comes with a frash share. But incase you can’t find it, you can always have someone send it to you using bluetooth or you can as well download it from google play store.

  82. Arthurmiles

    Hi admin, can u experiment for m3 users whether L3 ba3 fits & works well in m3 phones coz m3 ba3 is just spoiling ma xmas moods. Regards as we urgently await ur positive feedback

    • admin

      Hello Arthurmiles
      Sorry i can’t possibly do that now.However if Tecno L3 battery can fit into Tecno M3 perfectly, then it’s most likely to work on it.

  83. Arthurmiles

    Wat other options does tecno propriator avail m3 users coz m3 ba3 lasts roughly 2 hours wen in constant use yet some of us are always in d field with no time for recharging yet calls r always coming in

    • admin

      Hello Arthurmiles
      The best solution to that is either to get a good power bank or get an extra battery.

  84. Praise

    Admin,my new tecno m3 refuse to power on but vibrate when ever i press d power on button

    • admin

      Hi praise
      I can’t possibly decipher what the problem of your might be. But if it can’t power on (when the battery is fully charge), i advice you take it to Tecno Carlcare.

  85. Michel

    Sir my tecno m3,cant search via bluetooth wit other phones lik nokia,can u tel me hw to do it.

    • admin

      Hello Micheal
      To search for a bluetooth, go to settings > bluetooth > power on the bluetooth and search for the device you want. Just like you do with every other phone.

  86. Lois

    Hello. Can tecno android L3 download mypicstory or picmix? Pls i need an ans. Thanks

    • admin

      Hi Lois
      Yes it can. Picmix or Mypicstory is just an app which you can download from Google play Store.

  87. Tolu

    Pls ive unchecked all the sound settings on my tecno phantom but it still makes noise when i type. everytime. please what else do i do?

    • admin

      Hi Tolu
      To remove the keyboard sound Go to Settings>Language and Input>Android Keyboard, click the option beside it, go to > ‘sound on keypress’ and uncheck it.

  88. Daniel

    Hi please i bot a tecno m3 over four months ago. and to be honest i really didnt enjoy the phone as much.. it started typing by itself two months after i brought it.. typing all sort of things and its really frustrating. i took it to their office, they told me it was software problem.. they flashed it and it was okay till after also a month it started again.. please i wana know if it is the screen problem or software because am really confused.. but i believe it should be screen problem because the phone has fallen twice and it could possibly might have afected the calibration. but i wana know what could be the problem. thanks.

    • admin

      Hello Daniel
      Possibly it could be a screen problem, but i doubt. The best solution it to take it back to them. if they can’t fix it, they will give you another one.

  89. chrid

    how can i use bluetooth headset for my m3

    • admin

      Hello Chrid
      Just like you do with every other phone, Power on the bluetooth to be in search mood, then search for the bluetooth with your phone and connect.That’s it

  90. iphy

    pls how do i remove the red light on techno m3….and besides my battery doesnt last long…thanks

    • admin

      Hi iphy
      I don’t know the red light you are talking about. For your battery, you can get a power bank to support it, Tecno M3 battery is not that strong.

  91. cassidy

    Pls can I use a music of my choice for ringtone,watsapp, nd ani oda app

    • admin

      Hi Cassidy
      Yes you can.

  92. Ay

    Hi admin, want to restore phone to factory setting due to phone lock nd been having difficulty with the Chinese Language in choosing. it’s a m3. Any idea number wht in d option should be picked. Thx

    • admin

      Hi Ay
      I used another android phone to check, the last option is “REBOOT”. When you select this option it will wipe out every thing that didn’t come with your phone.Both messages and apps, in other words it will factory reset it.

  93. Max

    When i insert my earphones then
    remove them,my tecno m3 ‘s
    speakers stops functioning untill i
    reboot the phone, how can i stop
    Please comment, it’s urgent..

    • admin

      Hello Max
      This happens only when there is issue with your earphones port. On the other hand bear in mind that whenever you remove your earphones from the phone, the music stops playing automatically.

  94. adetokunbo

    pls admin. I want to know why my techno m3 menu is black not blue like it is on their pictures

    • admin

      Hello adetokunbo
      With Android phones, you can customize your menu the way that suits you. The current colour of the menu doesn’t matter, you can always change it the way you want.

      • adetokunbo

        and how can I change the menu colour

  95. adetokunbo

    and how can I
    change the menu

  96. tunji

    pls I nid help how can I copy and move files like music and videos from phone to memory card and vice versa on my Tecno m3 pls reply.

    • admin

      Hi Tunji
      The best way to handle such task is using your computer. However if you want to use your phone, you can still do it with the help of “file explorer”.
      To do that open up file explorer, mark the file you wish to move/copy, then you can copy and paste them in the new location of you choice.

  97. kimz

    from yesterday my camera aint working. it always says gallary has stop workin wat culd be the problem qd how do i go abt it coz i nid to use the camera. urgent pliz.

    • admin

      Hi Kimz
      kindly explain further the specific feedback you get when you open your camera.

  98. kimz

    wheneva i turn on the camera it does not respond. it brings this statement across the screen “‘ gallery has stopped woking'” sometym says that ‘ com. adroid.gallery not working’.

  99. kingsley

    hi admn. my tp5 doesn’t receive files frm other phnz tru bluetoot sinc i bought it. n also, it dzn’t respond to my PC wth USB cord. must I root it or is there any other thing to do? pls help.7

    • admin

      Hello Kingsley
      I don’t think this is a problem, just make sure you bluetooth is properly connected to the other device. Also try to send something to other device to confirm that there is no issue with it. Then for your PC to recognize your phone when connected, there are different USB option you can use to activate it such mass storage option. However if you have done that and there is no positive result, then is possible that your PC don’t have your Phone’s software pre-installed in it

  100. joke

    pls ao can i disable keypad tune on my tecno q1 and ao can i reduce data consumptn. Pls is vry urgent.

    • admin

      Hi Joke
      There is no proven way to reduce data consumption on Android devices. But it’s noteworhty to always turn off your data when you ain’t using it. To disable keypad tone navigate through settings > language and input > Android Keyboard > untick sound on keypress. This should take care of the keypad tone.

  101. tope

    pls ao do signout my email account on tecno q1?

    • admin

      Hi Tope
      When you add a Google Account to your Android device, you are signed in to the Gmail app and your messages are synced automatically. You can’t sign out of Gmail without removing your Google Account from your device, which will also sign you out of your other Google apps.

  102. Benfili

    Hi Admin
    Pls I hv problem with my M3 Bluetooth connection with BT headset that automatically goes off . can atimes work after several rebooting of my fone. pls what could be d case with dis fone?

    • admin

      Hi Benfili
      If i understand you well, you bluetooth headset automatcally disconnect when connected to your phone. I don’t really know what might be the problem, it could an issue with the headset. But mostly the bluetooth headset tend to disconnect when is not within the range of 10 meters from the phone is connected to.

  103. Okechukwu Sebastine

    Please i just took off my battery from my Techno M3 and re-inserted it, but the screen just went black and gave a message, Select Boot mode and there is an arrow moving across The Recovery, Fastboot and Normal modes. Please how do i solve this problem? Thanks.

    • admin

      Hello Sebastine
      You booted your device into recovery mood by holding both the power key and the volume key together. Just remove your battery and put it back,power it on using the power button, it will restart as usual.

  104. goodness

    please why does realfootball 2012 and 2013 with pes 2012 does not play on techno m3

    • admin

      Hello Goodness,
      Realfootball do run on Tecno M3. It depends if you installed it correctly. Kindly check if you have directed the path properly.

  105. Dennyie

    Pls is tecno p3 stil in the market and how much is it naw,pls reply me in time i need it urgently

    • admin

      Hello dennyie
      Yes, Tecno P3 is still available @ N13,000. Kindly call 08084667600, 08098597005 to place your order.

  106. Rose

    Hi Admin,
    Please I find it difficult to open my mails and there is no place to
    signout with my tecno M3. How can I solve it? Thxs

    • admin

      Hi Rose
      once you sync your email account with your phone. You can’t sign out of Gmail without removing your Google Account from your device, which will also sign you out of your other Google apps.

  107. oluwaseye

    hello admin….the background light of my phone( tecno p5) usually goes off after i use the phone for sometime but the menu key lights comes on whenever I press the power button to unlock it……….whenever this happens, I have to remove the battery and insert it back again which gives me headache…..kindly help

    • admin

      Hello Oluwaseye
      I have seen some situations like this, but i couldn’t decipher what might be the cause. However from the best of my knowledge, it might be that your RAM has been fully ocuppied. The only solution to this is to clear your open apps and optimize your phone once in a while when making use of it.

  108. tunde

    pls how can i on the light beside the front camera

    • admin

      Hello Tunde;
      That’s the proximity sensor not notification light. it can’t be powered.

  109. aminat

    helo sir, my techno p5 fell into water and i dried it up and it is shown me factory mode and 5 columns in chinese. What do i do

    • admin

      Hello aminat
      You booted your phone into Factory reset mode by holding both the Power button and one of the volume keys. Remove your battery and power it back normally. it will definitely come up

  110. Dandinho

    admin I hail!you doing a great job I gat just 1 question am hearing that’s there is a 2100mah battery that is same size with the 1400maH battery of m3 how authentic is this? and if its true will it have any side negative effect on the phone ?????

    • admin

      Hello Dandinho
      I don’t really know if there is such battery; but If there is, it won’t have any negative effect on the phone.


    May you please explain how TECNO M3 flashlight can be activated when using the camera.

    • admin

      Hello Cornerstone
      When you open your camera, just on the screen of the phone there is a sign that looks like a rough nail. Click on it to either set the camera to ON, Automatic or to turn it off.

  112. Raymond

    Av got a tecno B3, if am to buy d tecno M3…how much can i add to d tecno B3 to make up for d M3….cos i nid it..

    • admin

      Hello Raymond
      We don’t swap phones.

  113. mercy

    Pls hw can I delete pic on my tecno m3

    • admin

      Hi Mercy
      Open the picture you want to delete, press and hold it for a while. once the picture has been highlighted, open the options, you will see “delete” listed in the dropdown menu.

  114. debby

    pls my technoM3 camera is not functioning. it’s like its hanging and some times it won’t display all the setting for me to click and when it does it would hang and tell me gallery had stopped working.please what can I do its just four months old

    • admin

      Hi Debby
      I hope you are using the camera app it came with? If so,try uninstalling some of the apps you don’t make use of to free your phone memory. If the problem persist, i advice you get another camera app from a rooted android device or maybe download one.

  115. ted

    hello admin, pls how do i block unwanted calls and msg on tecno m3 without external app. also images in the gallery dont display in an oderly manner even if it is set to sort by a-z. thanks

    • admin

      Hi Ted
      I don’t know a specific way one can block a call or message without a third party app. However if you have a number you don’t want to receive calls from, you can call your network customer service to block the number from reaching you.

  116. ayomide

    hi. admin I need tecno Phantom A3 hw much is it

    • admin

      Hi Ayomide
      Tecno Phantom A3 is currently N49,800. Kindly call 08084667600, 08098597005 to place your order.

  117. folawunmi

    pls my memory card got corrupted, so as a result of that I lost everything on my assistant. pls how can I get it back because I don’t have a backup

    • admin

      Hi Folawunmi
      I’m sorry, unfortunately there is no possible way to recover your files, lost as a result corrupt memory card.Having a backup is priceless.

  118. idowu alade

    plz can i use black berry subscription on my m3

    • admin

      Hello Alade,
      Yes you can use blackberry subscription on your Tecno M3. But currently only Airtel blackberry subscription works fine on Android phones.

  119. waterlyf

    Pls how can I upload my status on watsapp and 2go m3

    • admin

      Hi Waterlyf
      That’s quite an easy task. Open your Whatsapp, goto options and click status, enter you status and update.

  120. Tosin

    my m3 screen got broken how do I replaced it

    • admin

      Hello Tosin
      I advice you go to any Tecno carl care (repair center) around you. They can easily fix it for you.

  121. angel Angela

    hey admin kindly advise.
    i bought a tecno M5 and the battery takes ages to be full: almost four hours! is this normal or is my battery faulty? please help

    • admin

      Hi Angela
      Charging a Tecno M5 battery shouldn’t take more than 2hrs 30mins,except you do make use of it while it’s charging. Which will prolong the fill-up time.

      • kunleso

        hello admin… pls i dont no y adobe reader is nt working on my M5

        • admin

          Hi Kunleso
          Make sure you’ve downloaded the correct version, you can collect from a friend that has one that works fine. if you intend using it to read PDF files you can download PDF file reader,it serves the same function.

  122. sonia

    wen I play music on my phone I see pics from my gallery appear on them. I don’t wnt dis plss admin Hw do I stop dis, cos I tried deleting de pic from my phone entirely but it still shows. its techno m3

    • admin

      Hi Sonia,
      This is probably from the music player you are using or your memory card. Use the default music player else try and change your memory card.

  123. ARCHMAN

    i wonder if m3 has GPS.have tried and but it is not working.can you please educate me?.dont know what else to do

    • admin

      Hi Archman,
      I don’t understand what you really mean that the your GPS is not working. GPS is simply a tool that enables web apps to keep track of your location when you enable it.

  124. victor

    Hello admin my tecno m3 wifi and data connector always on it self, i av restored d factory settings but still dsame pls what can i do

    • admin

      Hi Victor,
      If your device don’t normally behave like this, then the factory settings should have taken care of this.The next possible solution is either to visit Tecno carl care centre or format the phone. Formatting your phone will erase all your data and installed apps.

  125. ahuahey

    Hello!! how can I transfer music file from phone internal memory to the external memory

    • admin

      Hi Ahuahey
      The best and safest way to go about this is by using a laptop if the music is much. However you can also do the transfer on your phone using file explorer.

  126. evans

    how do I enable GPS in my m3 handset?

    • admin

      Hi Evans
      To enable your GPS, Goto settings > location access > then click GPS satellites.

  127. Dandinho

    bro thanks for the previous answer
    I tried installing ucweb handler it kept saying unable to install a conflicting signature already exist what should I do? and secondly can you give me a way to root ma techno m3??? thanks man!


    Please how do I stop the keypad tone. I hv turned off all the sound setting yet the keypad still has its tone

    • admin

      Hi Lisa
      To remove the keyboard sound Go to Settings > Language and Input > Android Keyboard, click the option beside it, go to > ‘sound on keypress’ and uncheck it.

  129. vickybabs

    hmm. pls I badly need answer to my question as fast as possible.. 1.my fone consume battery too much ..wah can I do??for instance I charged my ba3 100%full did evening before I slept and wen I woke up I saw my ba3 30%..wats d cause and solution…. 2.wen I have problem with my m3 can I take to slot in which I did not buy d fone from there??..3.can I exchange m3 for p5

    • admin

      Hi vickybabs,
      Read this post on how to make battery last longer. and also this post. Most importantly, off your data when not in use and reduce your phone brightness in low light.

      • vickybabs

        can I take my fone to slot when it has problem even though I did not buy it from there

  130. kehinde Olubayo

    having issues with my m3.I might be working on it and all of a sudden it minimizes and I would have to lock d screen and unlock before it starts up.also when am typing it all of a sudden starts typing gibberish. I really am frustrated please wat do I do?do I downgrade d os from jellybean or what ?please reply as ur reply can save me from going bonkers

    • admin

      Hello Kehinde Olubayo
      This could be as a result of overload.Probably you have installed a lot apps on your device which consumes your Ram and it makes your phone to hang & run slowly. Possible Solution: uninstalled unnecessary apps, restart your phone when used for a long time, close apps that are open which you don’t make use of and finally clean up your RAM at intervals when in use.

  131. Hammed lanre

    I tried connecting my phone to the internet through my LAN but it is not working, followed all the steps, pls help

    • admin

      Hello Hammed lanre
      kindly tell me the response you get when you try to connect to your hotspot.

  132. thormicom

    pls ma m3 has this problem of ” can’t connect to camera” the front camera work but I cant use the rear one
    pls how do I rectify this. I av removed the 8gig memory card and am usind a 4gig one in stead.

    • admin

      Hello Thormicon
      Your camera software\app might be corrupt, try and replace it. On a second note, it could be a virus and you will need to reboot your phone to get rid of that.

  133. Bill(Kenya)

    My tecno m3 turns off screen during calls, how can i reverse that?

    • admin

      Hello Bill
      That shouldn’t be an issue. if you wish to see the screen light, on during calls, then you don’t need to place the phone on your ear. A sensor at the edge of your phone helps to conserve your battery during calls by turning off the screen display. Any contact with your ear will make the screen to go off.

  134. chinny.

    pls how do I turn my flashlight camera off on my tecno m3 when not in use?

    • admin

      Hi chinny
      To turn off you camera flash light, click on the arrow-like line on the camera screen to either turn it off or on.

  135. joseph

    Hi!,Admin l3 bttry it can ft m3 bttry it cn work well pls help me? i wnt 2 buy m3.

    • admin

      Hello joseph
      once the battery can fit-in properly on you phone, it’s definitely going to work.

  136. ade

    helo, pls my tecno l3 on connectin to my bt headset always says ‘incorect keys or pasword’ the headset is ok.help

    • admin

      Hi Ade
      Connection to your bluetooth headset require a passkey. it’s either 0 or 1 by default.Try entering that, it will definitely connect.

  137. chi

    hi admin..pls i have a problem with recieving files through Bluetooth. i can on my bluetooth, send files, but i cant receive files. i can pair with other bluetooth but recieving the file is not possible..pls help its rili frustrating

    • admin

      Hi Chi
      I can’t possibly tell what the issue might be, but once you pair with a phone you should be able to receive files from it. However make sure you have enough memory to receive such files, then restart your phones.

  138. teeboy

    the data connection of my tecno m3 switches itself on sometimes. what should I do?

    • admin

      Hello Teeboy
      I don’t know what the issue might be, but try and keep your phone locked when not in use.

  139. teeboy

    sometimes am nt able to switch on my Bluetooth.what should I do

    • admin

      Hi Teeboy.
      Kindly restart your phone, it could be because your ram has been used up.

  140. vivian

    PLs my m7 screen was damage due to a fall.hw can I change it to a new screen.hw much will it cost me.am in calabar

    • admin

      Hi Vivian
      Kindly Locate a Tecno Care center around your area. They will help you to fix it. You can reach Tecno Care on +234 1882 1234.


    How can TECNO M3 camera sound be turned off?

  142. Ambrose

    how can i reduce the data charges on my techno M3? pls i need ur help

    • admin

      Hello Ambrose
      There is no a proven way yet to reduce data charges on android phones for the moment. I advice you put off your data cap when not in use, that will help conserve your data from background processes.

  143. Dolapo

    app won’t install on my m3 after download

    • admin

      Hi Dolapo
      kindly state the pop up message you get when trying to install an app.

  144. Santana Cazorla

    Superb, what a web site it is! This blog gives useful information to us,
    keep it up.

    • admin

      Hi Cazorla
      Thank you.

  145. doctology

    my tecno m3 when watching videos online d videos keep hanging after every 8seconds or more and there is network. what is the problem pls help me

    • admin

      Hello Doctology
      Actually there is no problem with your phone, However it takes a very strong network to stream videos online without buffering.


    My M3 music player stops working after sometime. And i hate that.

    • admin

      Hi Cornerstone
      The reason for that might be because low ram memory on your device. However you can download another music player like TTPOD. It’s very good.

  147. Odusola

    Hello Admin. My P5 keeps bringing “unfortunately gallery has stopped working ” whenever I want to snap photo. pls what can I do?

    • admin

      Hi Odusola
      Probably your gallery is corrupt. To fix that you might have to reset your device to factory settings. Better still you can collect another gallery app from a rooted device.

  148. Dee

    pls how do I us music for my ring tone on my M5

    • admin

      Hi Dee,
      To use a song as your ringtone, goto your music player > press and hold the song you wish to use > then click use as ringtone.

  149. Deborah

    pls assist me,i recently bought M3 bt i can’t browse,delete existing phone contacts nor download whatsapp,pls help me out.

    • admin

      Hi Deborah
      Kindly Confirm that your phone is properly configured and switch on your data before opening your browser.

  150. Samuel

    my m3 assistant isn’t listing out my apps nd a friends m3 does dat

    • admin

      Hi samuel
      If your tecno M3 Assistant is bad, you can collect your friend’s app assistant.

  151. ChrisJ

    I’m using tecno p3 but I can’t find gps switch on my location setting

    • admin

      Hi Chris
      The gps button can also be found on the drop down menu from edge of your device.Beside you should be able to find it on the location settings.

  152. ademola

    hi..if anyone needs a tecno m3,have got one for sell,at a cheaper prize..or just call me 08064467268

  153. Nicholas Murungi

    Can techno p5 view dstv on android?

    • admin

      Hi Nicholas
      Though i have not seen anyone watching Dstv on Tecno P5, I doubt that the Dstv app will be compatible with it.

  154. Empresario Jaime Bedia

    Thanks for finally talking about >Tecno M3: Review and Specs <Loved it!

  155. Jaime Bedia

    You actually make it seem so easy with your
    presentation but I find this topic to be actually something which I think
    I would never understand. It seems too complicated and extremely broad for me.
    I’m looking forward for your next post,
    I’ll try to get the hang of it!

  156. Msaja

    My Tecno m3 camera stopped working. Error “unfortunately gallery has stopped working” what could be the problem?

    • admin

      Hi Msaja
      This could be as a result of the low ram on your device. Close applications you are not making use of before opening the gallery.


    How can camera sound be switched off?

  158. pelumi

    my flash share is saying unfortunately flash share as stopped what should i do

    • admin

      Hi Pelumi
      Probably, your flash share app has issues. Uninstall it and download a new one or have someone send a new one to you.

  159. martin

    hi admin,
    my techno M3 just developed a charging problem. when I plugged my original charger to it, it just shows the charging icon to indicate that it is charging but the battery % remains constant and even gets discharged at a very slow rate. I have used other chargers and even tried USB with computer but no success. please what’s the cause and the solution to this.

    • admin

      Hi Martin
      If you are using the follow-come charger and still experiencing such issue, then you need to replace your battery.

  160. bawo

    admin i bought a tecno m3 and the screen goes off wen i am making calls even without the phone getting close to my ear what should i do?

    • admin

      Hi Bawo
      Tecno M3 has a sensor above the phone screen. Anything that gets close to this sensor when you dial a number will make your screen blind, whether your ear,hand or anything.

  161. Kingsleyon

    I uninstalled my opera mini on my tecno m3 nd tried re_installing an opera mini handler but d mesage i get is that “an existing package by the same name with a conflicting signature is already installed” please wat do i do, i have uninstalled d opera mini on my fone.plz help me @07030370459 datz my num

    • admin

      Hi Kingsleyon
      Is either the operamini was not properly uninstalled or the version of operamini you are trying to install has certificates issues. Go to setting > app manager and confirm that there is file bearing operamini.

  162. julie

    hello admin. my techo m3 headsets r working on one side but when i use them on other phones/laptop they are audible on both sides. what should i do because at first they were audible on both sides on my tecno m3 but i dont know what i did for the headsets to stop.

    • admin

      Hi Julie
      It could be that your earpiece port has developed issues. However, check the functionality of another headset on it to ascertain where the problem is coming from.

  163. sitta

    please , when ever my data is on and am browsing address appears on the Base of my screen. requesting that I should download some things. I don’t like it. please how do I stop it .I really need to stop it. the model is Tecno m3.

    • admin

      Hi sitta
      Those pops-up are ads, you can’t stop it. You just have to ignore them. Also try and make use of browsers like UC Web or Operamini.

  164. Goodwyl

    Hi Admin
    Why does my M5 always vibrate
    whenever someone receives a call or when am hanging up on a call, how can I disable
    this vibration. . ..

    • admin

      Hi Goodwyl
      I doubt if there is any predefined way of turning that vibration off. Except for rooted phones.

  165. Kingsleyon

    Hello admin, i have checkd my app manager but der z no operamini there and it is still not installing, even d ucbrowser i wanted to install is complaining of d same conflicting signature….

    • admin

      Kindly install a different version of operamini, it might be from the version of the operamini.

  166. star

    can it open pdf file?

    • admin

      Hi Star
      Yes, you can read Pdf files with it.

  167. fashola khadijat

    pls how does tecno m3 skype

    • admin

      Hi Fashola
      Yes you can make Skype calls with Tecno M3

  168. phemzzy

    plz hw can I switch from d frontal camera to the back camera cos its not showing any switching mode on my camera screen.

    • admin

      Hi Phemzy
      The switch button is an icon on your camera screen, look closely on the screen there is a box-like icon there.

  169. Srikant

    I am having a constant problem of wifi with my techno. it goes off instantly after a few minutes of useage. Then when i reboot it, it starts again. The tower of the wifi is active but no connection. Pls help.

    • admin

      Hi Srikant
      This seems not to be an issue, just make sure you are using the default settings of your wifi.

  170. ben

    great work you are doing.but my question is what does it mean to root a phone and how can i save message as draft.am using tecno p5

    • admin

      Hi Ben,
      When a phone is rooted, it allows you to modify/tweak the system files of the device to your taste and host of other functionalities. Type your message and enter the receivers nom, then go back to inbox the message will save as draft

  171. tee

    hi, pls i jz got my tecno m3 last saturday and the camera has stopped functioning. each time i try to make use of it it keeps showing “unfortunately, gallery has stopped”, pls aw do i fix this?

    • admin

      Hi Tee,

      This might be because of a recent app you installed. If the problem persist after restarting your device. Then you have to Flush it(Factory reset).



  173. Adetopzy

    please, is it advisable to root a phone? secondly, can PES 2012 work on p5?

    • admin

      Hi Adetopzy

      Rooting your device voids your device warranty, however if have any good reason for rooting your phone and you are ready to face the risk, you can go ahead. Yes PES 2012 work on Tecno P5

  174. mike

    hi admin.i ve stayed with my m3 for almost a year now and been facing no prob.bt recently it started to misbehave.when typing something,it dials the space bar by itself and also alot of fullstops.it jams untill i reboot again.it will again do the same thing after a while.in aday i reboot more than 20 times.i ve run factory setup manytimes too.what should i try doing next.thx

    • admin

      Hi Mike

      This kind of issue pops up when you over load your phone with plenty of Apps. Also running multiple programs at the same time might affect the overall performance of your device.

  175. ibukun

    d instagram on ma phone is telling me i hav an open proxy when i try to sign up. hw do i fix it.tecno m3

    • admin

      Hi Ibukun

      kindly Update your instagram and retry it.

  176. Paschal

    @Adim my tecno m3 shows me “Can’t connect to the camera” what’s the solution pls

    • admin

      Hi Paschal,

      I can’t tell the issue with your camera, but if it persist after restarting your phone. Then you might want to reboot(factory reset) it.

  177. Reddison

    I can’t seem to enable 3g on my techno m3

    • admin

      Hi Reddison,

      Goto settings > mobile networks > 3G services. You can enable your 3G service using the navigation.

  178. otaigbe

    half of my intenal screen broke and i cant see the screen fully what can i do…and how much is d cost for repair and location wher i can repair it at ikorodu

    • admin

      Hi Otaigbe

      Cost of repairing Tecno M3 smartphone should not be more than N6,000. Computer village ikeja is good area to work your phone.

  179. babatfatty

    Plz how cn I remove my tecno m3 from Boot mode. If I on my tecno m3 it will jst display
    1.Recovery mode
    2.Fastboot mode
    3.Normal boot
    And it will ask 2 use my vol up key 2 select n vol down for ok bt d both is nt working plz help me oooo

    • admin

      Hi Babatfatty,

      Kindly remove your battery and power on your device without holding the volume key.

  180. sheycy

    my tecno m3 is giving me problem. when ever I want to take picture.it write “camera can’t connect. please help me out..

    • admin

      Hi Sheycy

      It’s most likely that your camera app is corrupt. You have two options, Either you flush your device(factory Rest) or you use a rooted device to send another camera App to device.

  181. chioma

    pls my techno h5 does not pair with most phones what do i do?

    • admin

      Hi chioma

      What’s the response you get when you try to pair with other device?

  182. Paschal

    Hi Admin I have rebooted(Factory Settings) my phone yet the command keep coming up “Can’t Connect to the camera”

  183. chioma

    pls my techno h5 does not receive nor send videos and music tru bluetooth wat do i do?

    • admin

      Hi Chioma

      What’s the response you get when you try to send a file to another device?

  184. u c

    how can l restore my ssistant

    • admin

      Hi UC

      I don’t understand What you mean.

  185. nicol samuel

    how can i switch on the status indicators in my tecno m3? respond soon its urgent please.

    • admin

      Nicole, I don’t understand what you mean by status indicators. Meanwhile, be aware that the camera-like icon infront of your device is simply a sensor. There is no notification indicator for most androids.

  186. patiricia

    anytime i try taking a photo with my tecno m3s, a warning comes up saying, ”unfortunately, the gallery has stopped.”……what does this mean and how do i solve this, thanks in advance

    • admin

      Hi Patricia

      This could be because your phone memory is low. Else you might need to flush your device to clear up any error on your installed app.

  187. dan

    is there any application I will need to download to watch television like AIT and NTA on my techno M3 and if there is, will there be charges and how will it look like?

    • admin

      Hi Dan

      Currently there is no app that you can use to watch free local TV stations. However if you have active DSTV subscription, you can download Drifta app for DSTV mobile. This will enable watch DSTV channels on your phone using your phone data and your active DSTV subscription.

  188. Steve tom

    pls hw do I stop vibration on phone when am typing?

    • admin

      Hi Steve
      To disable vibration, follow this navigation settings > Sound & vibrate > Vibrate > untick the “vibration on touch” and Dialpad Vibration.

  189. Jastis

    my M3 can’t connect the camera any longer. at first it was a problem from my SD card. i just remove and fix again and that’s. but now, i don’t know what to do…… please help me :((

    • admin

      Hi jastis

      What it’s the response you get when you try to use your camera ? P.S| Most camera error issues from Tecno phones is due to unusual loading of apps on the phone which consumes the internal memory. You should uninstall some of the unwanted apps on your phone. If the error persist, then you need to flush your phone to restore it to the original state.

  190. Shina

    my m3 doesn’t charge,it writes charging but the percentage won’t increase.

    • admin

      Hello Shina,

      Kindly replace your device battery. It will help.

  191. judith chan

    are you selling in kenya?

    • admin

      Hello Judith

      Sorry, we only operate within Nigeria.

  192. yeti

    how do I transfer music and videos on my techno N9 usb to memory card

    • admin

      Hello Yeti,

      Transferring music to your device using USB can be done through your Laptop. Once you plug your device > enable Debugging through developer tools in your device settings and then you can be able to copy files to your phone from the laptop.

  193. tunde

    my tecno m3 has difficulties, its saying can’t connect to camera and when i checked the antivirus i had on my phone it said there is virus in the HTML viewer what should i do

    • admin

      Hello Tunde,

      I don’t think camera failure will be from a virus. However, to recover your camera you need to flush the phone. That’s doing a factory reset which will wipe all your phone data.

  194. Aron

    Hi Admin. I have tried in vain to unmute the call tone for my Tecno P5S. I have set the audio right but then it unmutes itself automatically such that I can’t hear when someone calls me. what could be the problem.

    • admin

      Hello Aron

      I don’t really get your question. However if you are not able to hear someone when making call. Probably you need to check your Earpiece port.

  195. joan

    my tenco P3 lost back camera and video recording how will i get it back.

    • admin

      hello Joan,
      i will advise you take it to the closest tecno care center or you can try carrying out factory reset.

  196. josh

    my tecno m3 won’t come on, I hold d on button but it won’t come

    • admin

      Hello Josh,
      you should try to confirm if your battery is ok, i will advice you take it to tecno care centre closest to you.

  197. Pastor Ajayi Ayodeji

    Thanks for your assistance. How can I transfer the text messages and the information got from internet already stored on my tecno m3 to my laptop for printing.

    • admin

      hello Pastor Ajayi,
      To transfer information you downloaded from the internet to your laptop, you can use USB cable to connect your m3 to your laptop which will enable you to transfer files and documents from your phone to your laptop. concerning your messages you will be needing a desktop application called snapea or mobogenie, its another form of nokia suite but in this case for andriod devices.

  198. achor

    my teno m3 tkes time to boot…when i press the power button it keeps on telling me select boot mode please help…am gonna crush this phone….aaaagggrrr

    • admin

      hello achor,
      First remove the battery, if your phone is using porch or protector remove it before powering on the phone to ensuring that volume buttons are not pressed down. if the problem persist pls take it to the nearest tecno care center.

  199. Odunayo

    I just bough Tecno f5 nd m unable 2 open bbm, d response has bn unable 2 complete setup, no connection found, ur connection 2 d wireless network is turned off, restore ur connections nd try again while data is on. Pls what cn I do abt dis

    • admin

      Hello Odunayo,
      Have you tried re-installing the bbm application.

  200. Oluwafemi

    Please my tecno M3 is no more booting whenever i switch it on. It will just hang on tecno… What can I do?

    • admin

      hello Oluafemi,
      you should try formating the phone or you can take it to the nearest tecno care centre.

  201. tesh

    Hi admin..what instagram version is combatible to my tecno m3s device? I have installed v3.4.2 BT still am told that ur version is nt compatible with my device…I really need to update,sign up n login to instagram plz help

    • admin

      hello tesh,
      have you tried downloading directly from google play store….

  202. Jenny

    Please my tecno m3 dial pad just disappeared,i can’t dial any number or check my contacts. I tried sending it on someone else phone but then i discovered that it can’t be sent.what can i do?

    • admin

      hell0 jenny
      this best solution for this, is for you to factory reset your phone or you can take it to nearest tecno care centre around you.

  203. tesh

    yah I have tried searching for the app from goggle play I can’t find it ,what am getting is photo editors..

  204. tesh

    yah I have tried searching for the app from goggle play I can’t find it ,what am getting is photo editors..can’t find instagram app.

  205. Rex

    pls I don’t know what to do,my techno m3 started picking calls automatically since yesterday…..pls how do I resolve it

    • admin

      Hello Rex

      Navigate to settings > call Settings and turn off auto call answering.

  206. legend

    admin pls help cus am tinking of buying another phone product(tinking techno isn’t gud) my m3 does not minimize anything if i hold home key d app will just stop functioning and start all over

    • admin

      Hello Legend

      The only solution I can offer to your issue is to do a factory reset or take the phone to Tecno repair center.

  207. Joe

    Hi admin! am using techno M5 and whenever i connect it to a computer via usb cable it only does so as a charger and not as a mass storage that can enable me exchange files. what could be the problem.

    • admin

      Hello Joe,

      This only happens when the USB port has developed issues, possible solution is replacement of the port. Visit the nearest Tecno care for assistance.

  208. Akinribido Enny

    my tecno m3 phone 3G service has just stopped working pls what can I do ? it was working before

    • admin

      Hello Enny,
      This could be because you are not within the 3G network service area.

  209. Victor obi

    my Wi-Fi gets off immediately after I switch it on please I need help

    • admin

      Hello Victor Obi
      There could be two reasons for that, it’s either your wifi app is corrupt or your device is running out of memory. You can get another wifi app through a rooted device.

  210. joshua

    pls ow can i go, i changed the touch of my tecno m3 and anytime i call the screen light goes off

    • admin

      Hello Joshua,
      Kindly explain your issue properly. Meanwhile is normal for your screen light to go off when you are making a call and the phone is close to your ear.

  211. Bukola

    My new techno M3 app just suddenly stopped responding,I put d phone off den on again only to discover dat d apps ave all gone,like wen I just bought d phone,pls wat can I do?

    • admin

      Hello Bukola,

      You must formatted your device without knowing, you can only collect/download your favourite apps again.

  212. Gifted

    Plsss bro wat cn I do ma techno P5 Bluetooth is not working. Plssss help me out

    • admin

      Hello Gifted

      Kindly explain what is wrong with your Bluetooth.I need to know the actual problem, before I can assist you.

  213. admin

    Hello Anthony,

    Always remember to switch off your mobile data when you don’t have active data subscription, because your airtime will be used as data.

  214. david

    There are two holes beside the front camera and i think they should be for notification light but its nt doing anything there….so what is the use of it.

    • admin

      Hello David,

      Those are sensors for different purposes, Tecno M3 does not have notification light.

  215. Bassey

    Hi admin,
    My techno m3 has suddenly started acting crazy. The screen is acting abnormal when you try to type or click on an app or letter. If am typing letters it keeps jumping from one letter to the other or it types another letter besides it. Back button does not work. Trying to click on any app to open sometimes proves difficult. Does it mean the screen is off calibration ? What can I do to correct the issue . Tks

    • admin

      Hello Bassey,

      I can’t say for sure the exact issue with your device, but I will only advice you to either restore the factory settings or take it to carl care for repair.

  216. akerele nimota

    pls how much is techno m3 case

    • admin

      Hello Nimota,

      Sorry, We don’t sell phone accessories.

  217. xena

    My tecno m3 instagram application won’t log in…. I updated it at the play store buh it’s still writing that it’s an outdated version.

    • admin

      Hello Xena,

      kindly uninstall the Instagram app and download a fresh one from play store.

  218. mustapha tunji alata

    pls kinda help me out on dis my tecno m3i want to wipe d phone nd i try most solution i know but know way pls help me

    • admin

      Hello Mustapha,

      To factory reset your phone,Go-to settings > Storage and click “erase phone storage” or “Factory reset”.

  219. sbk

    how to use the front camera coz i c no option 4 it

  220. Mary

    pls what can I do to my techno p5… it refuse to come on but vibrates when ever I press the power button….. do ur store have umi hammer thanks

    • admin

      Hello Mary,

      I will advice you take your device to the nearest Tecno Carl care centre.

  221. Skcare

    pls my Techno M3 takes up to 4hours to fill up while charging, I raised it unknowingly to dat. Pls how can I take it back 2d normal 1hour charging fill up time.

    • admin

      Hello skcare

      The best way to improve the charging speed of your battery is to get a genuine charger. Once you buy an original charger the charging time of your phone will improve.

  222. AKINS

    Morning sir.
    dis morning my m3 display settings is not responding, ‘unfortunately, display settings has stop’. pls wats d solution?

    • admin

      Hello Akins

      I don’t seem to understand what you explained. However, your device sat things like “unfortunately, the app has stopped working” when you’ve used up your phone RAM Memory.

  223. promise

    my techno m3 started turning WiFi and data on it own please help

  224. James

    My Tecno M3 turns off its self every mid night every day how do i remove this setting…

    • admin

      Hi james,

      I don’t think that’s from any settings. Check your battery if it’s properly placed.

  225. Jas

    pls my tecno M3 phone recent call history is not displayn. rather old ones shows. how do i set this?

    • admin

      Hello Jas,

      Please set your phones time and see if that’s the problem.

  226. brenda

    every time i swich my data or wifi on .my phone starts to hans what could be the problem

    • admin

      Hello Brenda,

      That’s normal for most smartphones. Is as a result of unusual battery emission.

  227. Splendour Williams

    please Admin, my m3 has a very tough problem. I was just making a midnight call some weeks ago and suddenly, it switched off on its own. I tried booting it on again, it powered. but in the process of booting, when it gets to the stage where the techno logo appears, it simply shows a blank white screen and goes off and power on again. this is what I’ve been experiencing, and it can never get pass that techno logo. in fact, the techno logo can’t show. I’ve gone to Awka, capital of Anambra state, went all round but they couldn’t get it fixed. the funny thing is that, no computer has been able to recognize it when connected to. the last attempt made where I went to only recognized the phone as a charger, not a phone. I went to other places and phone engineers, but to no avail. I believe it’s a software problem but don’t know anything further about it. I just tired. so I don’t know if anything could be done to get it fixed Sir. if there’s any possible remedy, I’ll love to get your reply soonest please. I reside at Oji-River in Enugu state. my email is ‘Noblesplendour1@gmail.com ‘ if you needful to email me. please, I solicit your help…

    • admin

      Hello Williams.

      This could probably be because of Lack of memory or you install an app that’s not compatible with your device. Kindly take your phone to Tecno Care center, they will get it fixed but it might result to loosing the data on your device.

  228. Lash

    Hi my tecno m3’s back camera is not working could i get solution to get it back?

    • admin

      Hello Lash,

      What’s the error message you get when you try to use the camera.

  229. matthew

    my techno m3 unmounts the sd card without me doing it.
    i don’t know if it is the usb storage that is preventing the sd card from operating in the phone.
    pls how do i solve this?
    how can i turn off usb storage?

    • admin

      Hello Mathew,

      I seem not to understand what’s the problem. Please ensure that the memory card is properly inserted.

  230. seun

    Hello admin, my m3 does not connect to computer when I insert d cable into my system it only charge pls help me out

    • admin

      Hello Seun,

      To view your files from the computer, you have to turn on “debugging mode”. To do that follow: Settings > Developer Options > check “Use Debugging”

  231. job

    My techno ms3keeps reconnecting to the data automatically hence wasting my credit how can I solve it sir

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