Top 10 Best Tecno Android Phones in Nigeria (October 2013)

Tecno M7 price in Nigeria

In a bid to keep its strong grip on the low-end smartphone market in Nigeria, Tecno keeps churning out new phones at close intervals — days at times.

In this year (2013) alone, the company has released over 10 Android smartphones into the market — and the popular Phantom pad, the company’s first tablet.

Here, we’ve ranked Tecno smartphones in order of overall features and performance. The Tecno F8 tops our list. Read on to see other phones that make the top 10 ranking.

Note that some features are common to all the phones that make this list. These include 2G and 3G connectivity, dual SIM compatibility, microSD slots for memory expansion, as well as light, proximity, and gravity sensors. The specs included for the phones are those that set them apart from each other.

1. Tecno F8 (Phantom A2)

3.75G, 5.7-inch display, Android 4.2 OS (Jelly Bean), 1.2GHz quad core processor, GPU embedded, 1GB RAM, 4GB internal memory, 13MP rear camera, 8MP front camera, 2630mAH Li-Ion battery.

This device, released not long ago, is the biggest and the best of them all. One would be correct to call it the best smartphone ever made by Tecno.

Current price: N45,000

2. Tecno F7 (Phantom A+)

3.75G, 5-inch display, Android 4.2 OS (Jelly Bean), 1.2GHz quad core processor, GPU embedded, 1GB RAM, 4GB internal memory, 8MP rear camera, 1.2MP front camera, 2100mAH Li-Ion battery.

This device is still selling fast. It’s complete in all aspects, but lags behind the F8 in terms of display size, camera, and battery capacity.

Current price: N36,000

3. Tecno M7

3.75G, 5-inch display, Android 4.2 OS (Jelly Bean), 1.2GHz dual core processor, GPU embedded, 1GB RAM, 4GB internal memory, 8MP rear camera, 1.2MP front camera, 2000mAH Li-Ion battery.

Though very new, this device still couldn’t find a place in the first 2 spots because it is powered by a dual core processor, which isn’t as strong as the quad core processor packed by the almighty Phantoms.

Price: N27,500

4. Tecno N7

No 3.75G (only 2G and 3G), 5-inch display, Android 4.0 OS (ICS), 1.0GHz dual core processor, GPU embedded, 512MB RAM, 4GB internal memory, 5MP rear camera, 0.3MP front camera, 2300mAH Li-Ion battery.

Though this device was at the top of the list earlier in the year, the more recent devices have pushed it down to number 4. But that still doesn’t take away the fact that it’s a very good and durable device.

Price: N29,000

5. Tecno M3

3.75G, 3.5-inch display, Android 4.2 OS (Jelly Bean), 1.0GHz dual core processor, GPU embedded, 512MB RAM, 4GB internal memory, 5MP rear camera, 0.3MP front camera, 1400mAH Li-Ion battery.

This is presently the best of the medium sized Android devices by Tecno. Though, it’s battery isn’t as strong as the L3, it is better than the L3 in terms of camera and having 3.75G connectivity.

Price: N15,000

6. Tecno L3

No 3.75G (only 2G and 3G), 3.5-inch display, Android 4.1 OS (Jelly Bean), 1.0GHz dual core processor, GPU embedded, 512MB RAM, 4GB internal memory, 3MP rear camera, 0.3MP front camera, 2400mAH Li-Ion battery.

This device rocks mainly because of its very strong battery.

Price: N15,000

7. Tecno P5

3.75G, 4-inch display, Android 4.2 OS (Jelly Bean), 1.3GHz dual core processor, GPU : MT6572W, 1GB RAM, 4GB internal memory, 1900mAH Li-Ion battery.

Though it has a 4-inch display, this still doesn’t get it a position ahead of M3 and L3 because it lacks 3.75G connectivity and GPU features. But it’s a good buy for those who really need a large display.

Price: N15,800

8. Tecno S3

3.75G, 3.5-inch display, Android 4.2 OS (Jelly Bean), 1.0GHz dual core processor, No GPU, 512MB RAM, 4GB internal memory, 5MP rear camera, 0.3MP front camera, 1400mAH Li-Ion battery.

Also a new device, this smartphone isn’t as impressive as one would expect. In fact, one would wonder why Tecno came up with the device in the first place. It’s good, however, for those who want to use something different from P3, L3, and M3.


9. Tecno D1

3.75G, 2.6-inch display, Android 4.2 OS (Jelly Bean), 1.0GHz dual core processor, GPU embedded, 512MB RAM, 4GB internal memory, 2MP rear camera, 0.3MP front camera, 1450mAH Li-Ion battery.

This device is occupying the 9th position due to its small display. It’s a great device for those who find it hard to cope with touchscreen keypads, as it features a solid QWERTY keypad.

Price: N16,500

10. Tecno Q1

No 3.75G (only 2G and 3G), 2.6-inch display, Android 4.0 OS (Jelly Bean), 1.0GHz dual core processor, GPU embedded, 512MB RAM, 4GB internal memory, 5MP rear camera, 0.3MP front camera, 1450mAH Li-Ion battery.

This device has similar features with the D1, but lacks 3G connectivity and has small screen display

Price: N17,000

Please note that we have based our rankings on information available on Tecno’s website about each device. Actual values may vary, in which case we are open to corrections.

What’s your take about the ranking? And how would you rate Tecno’s performance in the Nigerian technology market so far?

Latest Comments
  1. Adomgbor chioma

    Am realy vexd dat M3 rates higher than P5. D only advantage i c dat M3 has over P5 is the 3.75G. P5 tops M3 in every other aspects like d 4.0 display, d 1.3 GHZ Processin speed, d 2.0MP front camera and even d battery life. So y does M3 rate higher

    • admin

      Hi chioma
      Base on Tecno ranking and the manufacturing date, Tecno P5 seems to be higher than Tecno M3. Besides they almost got the same specs but the 3.75G is an edge Tecno P5 have over Tecno M3

    • John

      Sir wel done 4 d gud job. In terms of browsing, downloading apps, playing games and lasting battery wich z more gud in tecno m3 nd p5

      • John

        Wich z more beta in tecno p5 nd m3 in browsing, downloading apps, playing game nd strong battery.pls i nid ur ansa urgently

        • admin

          Hello John,

          Tecno P5 is quite better than Tecno M3. However Tecno M3 is no longer available.

      • admin

        Hello John,

        Tecno P5 is better than Tecno M3 in all the features you mentioned.

  2. Jude

    Please do confirm whether or not the P5 has 3.75G
    Every other review and spec list I’ve seen online (including Tecno’s own site) says it does.

    • admin

      Hi jude
      Actually Tecno P5 do have 3.75G. I have corrected that now. Thank you

  3. Ben

    Y is tecno Q1 rated dey least of all?

    • admin

      Hi Ben
      You can check for yourself; the features and specs compared to others on the list

  4. dami

    If p5 has 3.75G that means its better than M3..looking at the battery and display size.

    • admin

      Hi dami
      Thanks for checking by.

  5. Princeblue

    Admin, pls can u help with info on M5?

    • admin

      Hi Princeblue
      Currently i don’t know of any Tecno Phone bearing M5. we have M3 and M7.

      • manta

        Hi Admin! Still don’t have comparison for M5? Thx.

        • admin

          Hello Manta,

          What device do you want to compare with Tecno M5?

  6. admin

    Hi james
    i have corrected the wrong facts. Tecno Q1 does not browse with 3G on both sims

  7. mordecai

    what is the price of the techno m3 and what is it content

    • admin

      Hi mordecai
      Tecno M3 is currently N15,000


    Am really confused. i have 15k at hand nw.. but dont knw which to buy..could u please help me suggest b/w p5, l3, m3, n7.. please?

    • admin

      It basically depend on what you are looking for in a smartphone. They are all good phones though but Tecno P5 is the most recent one. However all the phone you mention have almost the same specs.

  9. Chimaobi

    Which of them that is tecno p5,l3,m3 is fast in browsing

    • admin

      Hi chimaobi
      Tecno P5 has 3.75g which means it will browse faster than them.

    • admin

      Hi chimaobi
      Tecno P5 has 3.75g which means it will browse faster.


    Pls. Is Tecno L3 a Dual Sim

    • admin

      Hi Liasu
      Ofcourse, all tecno android phones are dual sim.

  11. joe

    Hi admin. Am interested in the techno M3, where can I buy from? I mean to buy from the techno sales outlet. Secondly, how about the internet subscription, is it like the BB that you can subscribe on a monthly basis?

    • admin

      Hi Joe
      Parktelonline can deliver to you anywhere you are in Nigeria. Kindly call 08084667600, 08098597005 to place your order.

  12. kendle

    if M3 rates higher than L3 and dy are off d same prize so among the 2 one is advice to go for L3?

    • admin

      Hello Kendle
      Tecno L3 is more like a little upgrade to Tecno M3. Hence Tecno L3 will be preferable though is just a slight difference.

    • admin

      Use complete words next time for easy comprehension. Thanks

  13. shayubs

    please admin, tell me about tecno Q3. Battery, speed, etc. Thank you.

    • admin

      Hi shayubs
      There is no Tecno phone with the name Q3, What they have is Tecno Q1. Is that what you are asking about?

  14. Barrister daniel

    Hi pals,i stay in lagos,i ve a tecno l3 for sale at 13k,d battery is superb,az lasted me 4 gud 2days ,i wana buy a tecno phantom dts y i wish 2sel it…its a week old, 08160203897,can also wtsap me on dt num,tnx

  15. steph

    Please I want to find out about the tecno p5..d camera mp and all..nd d subscription wld it rqire BIS also aw much iz it in tecno outlets

    • admin

      Hi Steph
      Tecno P5 has 5.0MP Rear and 2.0MP front-facing camera. While airtel Bis is still working for all Android devices. The price is currently N15,800 at

  16. Anyanwumelu kingsley

    Is there any new android phone in d market? Because I want to sell my phantom pad N9 4 the new one.

  17. Azubuike

    Between tecno P 5 and M 7, which is more preferable?

    • admin

      Hello Azubuike
      Tecno M7 is packed with 1GB RAM, 1.3GHz Processor, 8.0MP Camera and has a bigger screen than Tecno P5. So to say Tecno M7 will be preferable.

  18. Owatemi bidemi

    Pls, is Tecno M5 out? Is tecno M5 preferable to P5?

    • admin

      Hello Bidemi
      Tecno M5 has been announced but yet to be released. Possibly by the end of this month it will be out. Till then we know the one that’s preferable

  19. Mashman

    Dear Admin, pls i want u 2 giv me more details abt Q1 and P5. And pls also tel me which among dem is more advance than d oda. And also tel me there camera position

    • admin

      Hello Mashman
      Follow the link to view the details on Q1 and P5 .For Tecno P5 and Tecno Q1. They have almost the same spec, though Tecno P5 have a stronger battery than Tecno Q1.

  20. Damilola

    u ar doin a great job by providin handy info abt tecno fones. Yr ratin make sence safe for d observations raised. I dnt av a tecno fone yet but yr ratin has helped me to decide gettin 1. Am goin 4 M7. Its simply all i need of a smartfone
    . Thnks so much.

    • admin

      Hi Damilola
      Good to hear that.

  21. wumi

    I need a tecno android phone..which is preferable,tecno M7 or F7?

    • admin

      Hi Wumi
      It depends on what your are looking for in a phone. Either camera wise or screen size. Kindly compare the specs of both device – as stated above and make your choice. Though i will prefer Tecno F7 because of the size and the camera.

  22. rolandinho gudnez

    please between tecno m3 and p5 which one do you prefered most

    • admin

      Hello Gudnez
      Tecno P5 has great features compared to M3. Notably the Tecno P5 has a strong battery, good camera and a nice shape when compared to Tecno M3.


    I’ll need the newest Tecno smartphone in Nigeria. Is it Tecno Phantom A2 or there’s a newer and better version? If there’s a newer version, what’s the name? If there is none, then how do i get the Tecno Phantom A2?

    I live at Okrika Local Govt. Area in Rivers State of Nigeria. I need the Phantom A2 to be delivered here in Okrika to me. How possible can that be and how is the payment deal carried out? Please reply as I’m in desperate need of the phone.

    Thank you!

    • admin

      Hello Richard
      There are a lot of Tecno Android phones that came after the release of Tecno Phantom A2, thus Tecno Phantom A2 is not the most recent but it’s still the most expensive for now. Tecno M5 and D7 are the newly released ones. Kindly call 08084667600, 08098597005 to place your order. Currently we don’t have payment on delivery in Okrika, so you have to make payment before we ship out your phone. Delivery charge is N2,000 and our delivery outside of Lagos and Abuja takes only 24 hours maximum.

  24. Copharelli

    Tecno P5 is such a great phone…..if only it had GPU….it would have been better… the fone is gr8 though…..

  25. blessyn

    pls hw much is techno M5?

    • admin

      Hi blessyn
      Tecno M5 is currently N24,500

  26. Ceph

    u’r doing a very nice job, admin!
    kudos to u & ur crew.

    • admin

      Hello Ceph
      Thanks for the tip.

  27. Florence

    Which is prefarable between tecno L3 and P5

    • admin

      Hi Florence
      It depends on the feature you love in a smartphone the more. They are both good phones, though Tecno P5 might be preferable. However Tecno L3 has a stronger battery life than Tecno P5.

      • Kingsley byc

        Please how much is tecno m5 …?

        • admin

          Hello Kingsley
          Tecno M5 is currently N24,500.

  28. Kelvin

    Please M5,P5 & N7 which is preferable? Am the type that love long phone with a big screen. Thanks

    • admin

      Hello Kelvin
      If you really love big screen smartphones,Tecno N7 should be your target. Though it’s quit outdated compared to Tecno P5 and M5. I advice you go for the Tecno M7 which is the upgraded version of tecno N7.

  29. Useh Abraham

    admin pls i wnt to knw between s3 and p5 which one is preferable to buy, cos from wat i hav seen, they look almost d same, and am confused

    • admin

      Hello Abraham
      They are both good phones. But in terms of Camera and battery capacity Tecno P5 will be a good option.

  30. Kezon

    I want to know about techno phantom 9 tablet

    • admin

      Hello Kezon
      You can read about the Tecno Phantom Pad from Here

  31. Hadeboy222

    Pls I want to know the total amount of delivery charges and P5, if you are 2 deliver d phone to Fadeyi Lagos.

    • admin

      Hi Hadeboy
      Tecno P5 is currently N17,500. Delivery is free of charge in lagos.

  32. David b

    U have done a great job admin,what i need is vivid fact about tecno d1,q1 and p5 and their current prices

    • admin

      Hello David,
      Kindly go make a search on the blog or on our website @ to view the current price and specs of each device.

  33. jeje

    has p6 arrived the country? if yes what is the price and cost of delivery to GOMBE.

    • admin

      Hello Jeje
      Tecno P6 is not yet in Nigeria.Kindly sign up for our newsletter on our website to be the first to know when it arrives

  34. Jibril omeiza

    Pls i really want to get one of the tecno’s product.. I’ve heard of N3, but sellers says dat it is no more in d markit.. Is dis true? And pls, wat i want in a phone is one dat has strong lasting battery, and a very clear camera, which should i go for, m3, l3, or stil the N3?. Pls reply. U r doing a very gud work, may d lord bless u..

    • admin

      Hi Jibril;
      Tecno L3 will serve you very well considering your criteria “long lasting battery and sharp camera”. you might as well consider Tecno P5 – it has a very good camera.

  35. Ikechukwu

    I need to get Q1, how much is it sold in Nigeria(easternAbia state) and where i can get it?

    • admin

      Hello Ikechukwu
      Tecno Q1 is currently N17,000. Kindly call 08084667600, 08098597005 to palce your order.

  36. Godwin isaac godwin

    Tell me in detail about tecno s3 pls

    • admin

      Hello Godwin
      Kindly follow this link to read about Tecno S3

  37. Jane

    Pls how much is n7 i need it how cn i get it from lagos?

    • admin

      Hi Jane
      Tecno N7 is N29,000. Kindly call 08084667600, 08098597005 to place your order.

  38. BENNIE

    How much is Techno D9, is it better than M7. How do I get it? am in Lagos

    • admin

      Hi Bennie
      Tecno D9 is quite better than Tecno M7 in terms of battery and camera wise. Kindly call 08084667600,08098597005 to place your order.

  39. C J

    Hi admin, which is better between tecno Q1 and tecno D1 ?

    • admin

      Hi CJ
      Tecno D1 seem’s to be an upgrade of Tecno Q1 with higher version of Android OS. Hence Tecno D1 will be preferable.

  40. prameno

    Admin, pls tell me about D5. How come no one talks about it or its very boor? Is p5 better?

    • admin

      Hi Prameno
      Tecno D5 is outdated and currently not available in the market. Tecno P5 is a lot better.

  41. Bukola

    Pls i wil want 2 buy an andriod phone.which one shld i buy btw m3 and d7.d citeria i nid in d phone is 4 it 2 b able 2 ping,sharp camera,& fast browsing.

    • admin

      Hi Bukola
      Basically, the major difference between Tecno M3 and Tecno D7 is the screen size. Tecno D7 has a bigger screen. Both of them can ping and can browse fast; but in terms of camera Tecno M3 is better.

  42. mr bodmas

    Wish tecno android is best btw p5 nd q3

    • admin

      Hi Mr Bodmas
      I guess you mean Tecno Q1, Tecno P5 has a higher Operating system and a sharper camera than Tecno Q1. Tecno P5 is better.

  43. Tolu

    What do i go 4 btwn s5, l3, p5, m7. I wnt 2 gt it 2moro. Or which among d andriod phne is d best dat is nt mre dan 18k.

    • admin

      Hi Tolu
      Currently Tecno P5 has a better specs than other ones you listed and it’s below N18,000.

  44. Epiphany

    I wonna knw mor abt M7,camera,speed,GPU,battery etc.

  45. Ryder

    In terms of battery capacity, OS, camera, and price,which phone should i buy: h5, m3, l3 or p5

    • admin

      Hi Ryder
      Tecno H5 and P5 has very similar specs, but Tecno P5 offers More battery capacity. Hence Tecno P5 should you needs.

  46. pauklyne agana

    pls how do i get the techno andriod page on facebook for more info,

  47. ekene

    ppls tecno p5 and h5 which is better?

    • admin

      Hi Ekene
      Both are good phones with very similar specs. Except that Tecno P5 offers more battery capacity.

  48. Benjamin

    Ho!you are doing a fantastic job here.may God you more and more.pls,can tecno p5 work with adobe flash?can it download open pdf.if not which tecno can do all these.tank u.

    • admin

      Hello Benjamin
      Yes, all Android device can read pdf files.Log onto google play store and download pdf reader or adobe flash.

  49. Deby

    Pls which one is d best among p3, p5, l3

    • admin

      Hi Deby
      Tecno P5 is better than both P3 and M3 in terms of display,camera and memory.

  50. Ada

    Pls i nid android fone,in terms of fast browsing ,camera, which one among L3,H5,M3 n D3?is prefferable?pls

    • admin

      Hi Ada
      Tecno H5 will serve your need.

  51. ADAEZE

    please i want a phone with a large screen and i have to choose between m7,d7 & s7. Which is d best in terms of storage,display,battery,camera & attractiveness?

    • admin

      Hi Adaeze
      Tecno M7 should be a good choice for you in terms of storage,display and camera. But Tecno S7 has a stronger battery capacity than M7.

  52. hassan

    betwn tecno Q1 n D1,wch s mor faster in browsin n d@ cn ping n d one d@ hs a gud camera.beta stl wch s mor prferable

    • admin

      Hi Hassan
      Tecno D1 is the recent version of Tecno Q1 with a higher operating system. Thus Tecno D1 will be preferable.

  53. Davis Silver

    U’ve rili dn a great job dude.I question is,why is D5 no lnga in d market?or is it becos it has quality(i.e)facilities compared 2 P5,S3 nd M3?

    • admin

      Hi Davis Silver
      The person in the best position to answer that question will be Tecno-mobile theirself. However most company’s stops manufacturing a product when is no longer serving the market needs.

  54. Melissa

    Hey admin. You are doing a good job.. Am in kenya and still this info has helped me know that p5 is a nice phone… Kudos

    • admin

      Hi Melissa
      Thanks for the ackowledgement.

  55. Don million

    Pls what is de curent price of F7 and D9 in abuja? and wish one will i decide on i mean de beter one. Tnx admin for de grat job i luv it keep it up

    • admin

      Hi Don Million
      Tecno F7 and D7 is currently N35,900 and 26,000 respectively. Tecno F7 has better features compared to Tecno d7.

  56. Melechi

    Hi, I want to get the tecno A2, I’ve seen the specs and I love it but the only problem is it doesn’t have java, pls is there a way that can be fixed and if not, cld u pls suggest any other android phone with great camera and within the price range of 40-45k.

    • admin

      Hi Melechi
      Tecno R7 will be a very great option for you. The specs are amazing. It a new product though, kindly call 08084667600, 08098597005 to order one.

  57. Ibroskey

    I Want To Buy Tecno Android Phone And The Price And Also That Can Use Skype, So I Need The One That Is Better Among This P5 Q1 H5

    • admin

      Hi Ibroskey
      Tecno P5 and H5 have almost the same specs. But for best skype experience Tecno P5 will be a better option.

  58. Ibroskey

    thanks so much then i will go for P5 And I Need The Price

  59. Jnifa

    Tanxs bro for ur gud job,keep d flag flying.i want a tecno phone that can skype,good camera facilities,fast browsing and ping which wil u advise me to buy P5,N7,M3,L3?tanxs

    • admin

      Hi Jnifa
      All the Tecno phones you listed can perform those functions, However Tecno P5 will be a good option.

  60. dearmike

    Pls admin,…… Can u give me more details about tecno H5,…. The battery duration, browisn speed, e.t.c. And how much its sold and the delivery fee to Ebonyi state……. Thanks

    • admin

      Hi Dearmike,
      Kindly click HERE for Tecno H5 details:

  61. Jnifa

    Tanxs bro for ur reply…….so hw much is the cost of the tecno P5?

    • admin

      Tecno P5 is currently N15,500

  62. chris

    pls adm hw much is tecno m3 now

    • admin

      Hi Chris
      Tecno M3 is currently N14,000

  63. Chinwe

    Pls admin, between phantom F7 and Tecno M7 which one is better

    • admin

      Hi Chinwe
      Tecno Phantom F7 has better features and functionalities when compared to Tecno M7.

  64. Etesam

    I’ve gone thru the entire thread. In terms of specs P5 tops D1. Why the reverse pricing?

  65. Emma

    I need to knw about tecno M5, admin plz gve me reply.

    • admin

      Hi Emma,
      Kindly click the link to view details on Tecno M5

      • lau

        pls wich fone can b rated wit L3 minejux developed a fault. i mean ba3 wise, megapixel n oda stuffs. but more on ba3 n camera then browsin speed. pls post ur lAtest series. jux heard of f5

        • admin

          Hi Lau
          Tecno have made alot of phones recently. Including Teco H5, Tecno F5, Tecno S5, Tecno S3. They all have similar specs with Tecno L3, compare the specs and make your choice.

  66. Brenda

    Pls what the difference btwn F5,P5 and S7 in terms of battery duration,camera,browsing speed,memory,size cos i need d 1 i can do BBM and oda apps,it has front camera,has flashlight,etc. pls i really need d reply,it urgent tnx.

    • admin

      Hi Brenda
      All the current Tecno Android phones can run BBM.

  67. Brenda

    Pls whats d difference btwn tecno P5,F5 and S7 in terms of quality,battery duration,camera,size,network,memory,browsing speed cos i need fone dat hasBBM and oda apps has flashlight, big memory,has a good camera quality can browse fast has 3G or 4G has WI-FI and oda things etc pls i need d reply urgently tnx so dat i will know wat 2 do cos am confuse.

    • admin

      Hi Brenda,
      You can make this comparisons yourself, I have written reviews on all the phones you listed. You can either search for them on this blog or visit our website @ to see the summary of all the specs.

  68. Emmy

    Very good work. How recent was this comparison done? What about the Phantom A3? Are there any other Tecno phones not included in this survey? Many thanks.

  69. Linda

    pls admin which one would u advice I go for, tecno S3 or M3

    • admin

      Hi Linda,

      Tecno S3 is preferable, though they have much difference but S3 has a higher OS.

  70. Onahboy

    Btw tecno m5, m7 and f7 which one is best

    • admin

      Hi Onahboy

      Kindly compare the features of this devices on our website or blog. Besides it all depends on the feature you value more on a phone.

  71. hastino

    thanks for ur good work, please among tecno Q1 and H5 which one is the best?

    • admin

      Hi Hastino,

      Tecno H5 will be preferable because of it’s higher OS and other features

  72. Jude

    Pls hw much is tecno f5

    • admin

      Hello Jude
      Tecno F5 is currently N17,800.

  73. mike

    admin what other tecno battery can last longer in tecno h5

    • admin

      Hi Mike
      I’m sorry, there is no other battery suitable for Tecno H5 except the follow come. However you can get a power bank to support your battery.

  74. Adex

    Pls admin, which one is better between tecno H5 & P5 ? Thanks.

    • admin

      Hi Adex

      Tecno P5 and H5 has similar specs, however tecno P5 has a stronger battery.

  75. Christian

    pls the current price for tecno d9 and r7

    • admin

      Hi Christian

      Tecno D9 is no longer available, however R7 is available at N44,500. Kindly call 08084667600 to place your order.

  76. vik

    admin grt job..kip up the gud job..tnx xo much

    • admin

      Hello Vik,

      Thank you for stopping by.

  77. Casey

    Hi admin btwn techno s7 and s5 whch one is ok and wat are their price?

    • admin

      Hello Casey,

      At the point of replying your questions,the phones you mentioned are no longer available. Sorry for the inconveniences.

  78. Uche victoria

    How much is tecno s7 nd s5

    • admin

      Hello Uche,

      Sorry, this devices are no longer available.

  79. becky o

    How much is techno f6

    • admin

      Hello Becky

      Tecno F6 is currently N17,500. Kindly call 08084667600 to place your order. Thank you.


    I need F8 but if there is any one better or more recently i
    nvented with the highest storage facility, compatibility, GB and RAM power very high than the above mentioned.

    • admin

      Hello Victor

      Tecno F8 is no longer available, Tecno phantom Z is the most recent one with high functionalities. Kindly call 08084667600 to place your order. Thank you.

  81. chichi

    Hello Admin, nice job ur doing here. Pls between Tecno P6 and P9 which is better, how much do they cost and are they skype supported? Thanks

    • admin

      Hello chichi,

      Tecno P6 and P9 are different kind of devices. One is a pad (p9) with much larger display and can be used to make calls also, while the other one ( P6) is a phone with smaller display. It’s left for you to decide what you want.

  82. adedoyin

    please which of these techno phones is good for a heavy gamer; m7,d7,h7,n7.

    • admin

      hello Adedoyin,
      Tecno company has stopped the production of tecno m7, d7, n7. I will advise you go for tecno p9 or g9 pad or tecno r7.
      Kindly call 08084667600 or 08098697005 to place your order

  83. samuel

    between p5 and n7..which is more preferable in terms of long lasting camera and good battery

  84. samuel

    between p5 and n7..which is more preferable in terms of long lasting battery and good camera

    • admin

      Hello Samuel,
      tecno n7 is no longer in production. so i will advice you go for P5 or other tecno phone such as h6 f6 h7.
      Kindly call 08084667600 or 08098597005 to place your order

  85. shareef

    tecno f6 should be on the list

  86. Solomon

    hi admin…pls,is tecno still makin the phantomA3…

    • admin

      Hello Solomon

      Tecno Phantom A3 is no longer in production.

  87. Emmanuella

    Dear admin i want to know about p5 camera capacity, and u re doing a nice job keep it up.

    • admin

      Hello Emmanuella,
      Tecno P5 camera quality is 5.0 MP

  88. Judyblack

    is techno p5 still in voque nd is d battery stil as strong as eva?wot is d current price?

    • admin

      Hello Judyblack

      Tecno P5 is still available at N18,000 currently.

  89. solomon favour

    please can u compare Techno l3 and h3 for me.Which one is better because m not sure of which one to get.

    • admin

      Hello Solomon,

      Tecno L3 is no longer available in the market,however Tecno H3 is a better option.

  90. Ismail

    Hw much is tecno m5

    • admin

      Hello Ismail,

      Tecno M5 is No longer available.

  91. Chidinma

    Pls how much is tecno S3 and how good is it. Pls does it support bbm?

    • admin

      Hello Chidinma,

      Tecno S3 is no longer available, however Tecno H3 offers the same features as S3 and it supports BBM.

  92. ginika

    pls my f5 came with a follow come power bank but its not charging anythn but d torchlight only works wat SLD I do to it?

    • admin

      Hello Ginika,

      Most likely the power bank has developed issues, which could be due to the way you handle it. There is no warranty on Power banks. you might want to get a new one. Meanwhile read some battery saving tips here and here

  93. ginika

    and my battery does not last I thought f5 was a very good fone. it kips making me regret.

  94. david sam

    i dont know which phone to buy between tecno s5,f5 and h5 pls which is better?

    • admin

      Hello David,

      It seems that only Tecno H5 is available from your list. Kindly get the Tecno H5 or you can as well buy the latest one, which is Tecno H6.

  95. Temilola

    well done for d gud job,plz can youtube play on tecno P5?

    • admin

      Hello Temilola,

      Yes, all android phones supports Youtube viewing.

  96. Temilola

    well done for d gud job,plz can youtube play on tecno P5? Nd plz did P5 ve audio bible?

    • admin

      For Audio bible, you can download the app from Google Play store.

  97. Temilola

    well done for d gud job,plz can youtube play on tecno P5? Nd plz did P5 ve audio bible? Nd how is d battery?

  98. faith

    pls is tecno q1 still available? I seriously need it.

    • admin

      Hello Faith,

      Sorry, Tecno Q1 is no longer available.

  99. Mike

    Tecno p5 and l3 wich z d best

    • admin

      Hello Mike,

      Tecno L3 is no longer available, kindly consider getting Tecno P5.

      • akudo

        Please what is the difference between TECNO P5 and P5 plus which of them strong than each other

        • admin

          Hello Akudo,

          The only difference between the two is in the Ram Size, while P5 has 512MB, P5 Plus has 1GB RAM.

  100. ismail 202

    M5,H5,L3 and P5 which one has a long last battery and big screen

    • admin

      Hi Ismail

      Sorry to say, but the only device available in your list is Tecno P5. All the other ones are no longer in production.

  101. ismail 202

    with their prices

  102. SORBOY

    Hi admin. Tecno L3 and M3,which one is the best?

    • admin

      Hello Sorboy,

      Tecno M3 has more features than Tecno L3, meanwhile note that Tecno L3 is no longer available.

  103. SUNDAY

    sir pls .
    hw much is the current prize for tecno it bigger in size than p5

    • admin

      Hi Sunday,

      Tecno Phantom F7 is no longer available, meanwhile it’s bigger than Tecno P5. A good substitute to the phantom F7 is Tecno phantom A7.

  104. Chinyere

    Pls admin ,i want to buy tecno F6 and i stay in sango otta ,hw much is it,battery capacity,internet speed,camera mp,RAM,memory,,and the delivery.thanks

    • admin

      Hello Chinyere

      Tecno F6 is no longer available. Tecno L6, L7 and Boom J7 was used to replace it. kindly call 08084667600 for further details.

  105. Daniel


    • admin

      Hi Daniel,

      Navigate to settings > Mobile networks > Network Mode, from there you can either change to 3G only or both 3G and 2G.


    Does tecno boom j7 support 3.75g and between L6 and boom j7 which is more superior in browsing, camera AND memory

    • admin

      Hello Franklin

      Tecno Boom J7 is more superior than Tecno L6 in terms of the specs you mentioned.

  107. ALEX

    Between M6 and M7 which is more preferable in terms of camera, browsing speed and battery capacity

    • admin

      Hello Alex.

      Currently, only Tecno M6 is available. Meanwhile there are other new release from Tecno with cool specs. Tecno Y6, Y5,Y4 and Camon C8 or C5 can make a good choice. Kindly visit to place your order

  108. Chioma

    Pls phantom 5 nd phantom A3 which is more bigger?

    • admin

      Hi Chioma,

      Tecno Phantom A3(6.0 inches) is 0.5 inches bigger than phantom 5 (5.5 inches)

  109. Steven

    How can I set my camera flash light on techo y4?

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